Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rama Nama

I do the chanting of Rama Nama Japa when ever possible.. Some people say we can say rama nama any time, this true...
Ofcourse... without any doubt... Rama Naama is Tharaka naama and there is no constraint for it...

It is said that the "Ra" in the name comes from the "Ra" in "Na Ra yana".
The "Ma" comes from "Na Ma Shivaya".

So that single name combines the power of both Shiva and Vishnu, who in turn are responsible of everything in the Universe.

In Vishnu Sahasranama, Parvathi Asks Shiva for a easy mean of reaching God then chanting a 1000 names. The Lord answers in a single word " Rama ".

Rama Nama is considered the greatest manthra. U need not do anything else, only that name is a great Pooja, said Sadguru bagva Nama Bhodendral, the 59th Acharya in Kanchi kamakoti Peetam. In fact in his Samadhi(holy grave), if u keep ur ears close, u can still hear the chant of the name Rama from inside.

This happens till date in the place of his Samadhi - Govindapuram, a village in Tanjore dist of Tamilnadu, near Kumbakonam.

Mantras require achara, shareera shuddi etc. But Bagawan Naamas are different from Mantras.. Chanting of the Taraka Nama has no restrictions. You can chant them always, anywhere, anytime, whenever you want or whatever else you are doing.

Kalau Sankeeerthya Keshavam...

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