Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Iron Vilakku for God Sani


In home can we lit valluku with oil in Iron vallaku for God Sani?


Materials made of iron are generally prohibited in puja. Iron not only has a negative energy but also absorbs the positive vibrations in the temple / puja room. Thats the reason we dont find any puja materials in iron.(This includes Stainless steel - but people may not accept my view - just because they dont want to loose their convenience)

Lighitng a deepa is a good pariharam for Shani Bagawan - but that will be more effective if it is done at a temple premises. (Only when you dont have any temple nearby, you can opt to light the lamp at your place)

If you are lighting the lamp for Shani Graha Preethi - you can use a simple clay lamp (Man agal vilakku) and use Sesame oil (Nallennai) and feed the crows . This will do...

Worshiping Anchaneya and Lord Ayyappa (especially on Saturdays) is also a remedial measure to please Shaneeshwara and get out of troubles

Swamy Sharanam
Aravind Subramanyam

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