Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sastha on Lion

I Visited this temple almost a year back.. Suddenly had a feeling to share the information about this temple and hence posting it here...


When one mentions about shrines of Lord Ayyappa, many revered places of worship, including the most famous Sabarimala, come to the minds of devotees across the country.

But the Lord has taken abode in a tree at Tummagunta of Vidavalur mandal of Nellore district, which may not be known to many, including the ardent devotees of Lord Ayyappa. The 15th century temple, which is associated with many legends, is now catching the attention of devotees.

Significantly, huge quantity of camphor is lit at the temple to coincide with the appearance of Makara Jyothi in Sabarimala on the day of Makara Sankranti every year. The temple also conducts Laksha Thulasi Archana on the full moon day during Karthika month.

According to ‘Sthala purana’ or local history, Vijayanagar Emperor Sri Krishna Devaraya, who was on his way back from the South to his capital, desired to take rest for some time at this place along with his soldiers, their horses, elephants, etc. Impressed by the nature’s pulchritude at this place, the emperor decided to construct a village there and asked some of the Brahmin families in his entourage to settle down there.

Accordingly, the Dravidian Brahmin migrant families originating from Taamraparni river basin, which is on the Kerala and Tamil Nadu State borders, settled at Tummagunta. They planted a ‘Juvvi’ (Pluksha in Sanskrit) tree and Indian rubber fig tree.

The Lord, who is fond of his devoteed followed them right from Tampraparni and manifested here in the form of tree. 

Moreover, the temple possesses a rare painting of Lord Ayyappa that depicts Him riding on a lion, with bows and arrows in His hands. 

Though you dont find any idols or vigrahams this temple is called Poorna Pushkala Samedha Shri Gurunatha Sastha temple and the pooja is done to the Tree itself.

O Lord ! When we seek for you only, 
then by your grace,
O Lord ! Your Form and Your Glory 
stand clearly before us

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa

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  1. Lord Shastavu blesses HIS devotess in the form of a tree....Here, it reminds me of bhakta Poonthanam who once called the Lord Guruvayoorapan as "Maraprabhu" (the lord of trees). Another avatar of the divine Lord Almighty...
    Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa...