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Mahaganapati Tarpanam

Dear Anna, I wish to know about the Ganapathy Tarpanam. When I met you at Sabarimali, You suggested me to perform this tarpanam for 41 days. You also gave me a picture for the Chatur Avruti Tarpanam

I took your words as upadesham and have started doing the tarpanam and completed 10 days and I could see the result immediately. So I want to know its greatness.

This post is solely meant for Upasakas.. For some it may sound Greek and Latin. Anyway, even by reading this, I think we contemplate on Ganapati and Ganapati may cast his Kataksham on us... Since Vinayaka Chaturti is fast approaching I thought few of our readers may be benefited.

Ganeshas Tarpana Priyah: says Sasthram

So the easiest way to please Ganapati is performing the chaturavrutti tarppanam. 

A person can earn the grace of the Lord speedily by offering this 444 tarpanams. 

The water should be mixed with vasana dravyams like chandanam, cardamom, Saffron etc and this tarpanam is done with the moola mantram of ganapati along with the all his avarana devatas. This in turn removes obstacles, bestows us all good things in life

The qualification for this is proper upadesham of (28 lettered) Moola mantram of Maha Ganapati 

This may be done for Ganapaty yantram, or yantram drawn with turmeric or sandal. Or else some may use Sonabadra stone directly for doing the tarpanam. This changes according to one's acharam. 

Do the shodochopachara puja to ganapaty and after that pour the suganda jalam on the yantram/bimbam while chanting the prescribed Mantra and "Tarpayami namaha". Each tarpanam in repeated 4 times.

There are 28 aksharas for the Maha Ganapati moola mantra. 

Ganapathy Tarpanam starts by doing tarpanam with all these 28 aksharas individually.

So 28 Moolam Tarpanam + 28 Aksharam Tarpanam = 56 x 4 times= 224 Tarpanams

In the same way, each the avarana devatas(along with their consorts separately) of Ganapaty are to be pleased by doing tarpanam .

1. Lakshmi - Vishnu
2. Girija and Haran
3. Rati and Kama
4. Mahi and Varaha

5. Mahalakshmi and Mahaganapati

6. Riddhi and Amodha
7. Smruthi and Pramodha
8.Kanthi and Sumuka
9.Madanavati Durmuka
10.Madadrava and Avigna
11.Dravini and Vignakarta

12. Vasudhara and Shankanidhi
13. Vasumati and Padmanidhi

For each of the above couples separate Tarpanam
So 13 x 2 = 26 
So 26 Moolam Tarpanam + 26 Devata Tarpanam = 52 x 4 times each= 208 Tarpanams

Separate Tarpanams for Maha Ganapati = 4 + 8 = 12

So 224 + 208 + 12 = 444 Tarpanams

Another notable feature followed in few schools of chaturavrutti tarpanam is unique. ie doing tarpanam with what are all moola mantrams one has got upadesham - through Mahaganapati. This inturn helps a lot in mantra siddhi and earn the grace of one's ishta devata.

After the Tarpanam one can consume the Tarpana jalam as prasadam and also give the same to 
all the people in the house.

When this is done for 41 days, this becomes a yagna and this process removes any obstacles in all the endevours, removes fears and gives success, gives mental clarity in thinking and blesses with all the aishwaryams. 

After this one can continue to do this every even daily or atleast on every Fridays.

Sri Adisankara has mentioned in Prapancha Saram, that all people irrespective of of caste, creed or religion can do it to seek the blessings of Lord Maha Ganapati.

Ayur arogya maishwaryam balam pushtir mahatyasha
kavitvam bukti mukti cha chaturavrutti tarpanaat

By doing Ganapati Chaturavrutti Tarpanam regularly one is blessed with Ayuh- a long life, Arogyam- good health, Aishwaryam - dharmic wealth, Balam - strength, Pushti - lasting eminence, Mahat Yashas-great honour and veneration , Kavitvam- Literary skills, Bukti - enjoyment of worldly life and Mukti - Moksha ie salvation and liberation from the cycle of birth and death. 

Anaimukhan Sodharane Sharanam Ayyappa

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