Sunday, September 4, 2011

Animals at divine Places

Once when we went to Giri Pradakshinam at Tiruvannamalai, I found a dog coming with us all the fourteen kilometers. Even when we missed the route, the dog actually led us to the right direction. The best part it, it never ate anything and didn't even bark for all the 5 hours. All it did was helping us in visiting all the temples in the Giri Vala Route... And finally just in between Ramanashramam and Seshadri Swamigal Ashramam, it vanished into thin air. Later it was revealed by Gurunathar that the dog was actually a Siddha Purusha in its previous birth .

Many times, at many temples, when I see birds and animals, I always wonder about their relationship with the Lord. For instance, at Ramanashramam I saw two Kitten sitting still and very silently unlike other Cats in the vicinity. When drum full of milk was poured on the Shivalingam, these two beings never seemed to be bothered about it and was just gazing at the eyes of Ramana Bagawan's idol. Were these ordinary animals or other divine entities ?
Last month I had another surprise at Sabarimala forest. I saw a cat which frequented near the inner sanctum. We cannot see the cat when the shrine is open; Only after the shrine is closed after the monthly pujas, this cat comes and assumes its office. When no one is there in the vicinity, every morning, the cat is the one of the first to do the pradakshinam to the Lord. It climbs the holy Padhinettampadi as many times as possible. I cant help wondering the relationship between the cat and the Lord. It reminds of me Manidasar's hymn  praying for the dust of his feet... Anything in vicinity of Lord Sabarigireesha is blessed. Differing kinds births serve Him. So any birth in front of Lord - will earn the grace of the Lord and  Iam sure will not have any more birth.

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