Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year Gift

During the year 2011  - there were too many places to visit, - almost all were unforgettable and unique. Grace of Lord Bhaktaparipala has showered on us throughout the year.

In continuation to this He gave us an oppurtunity to witness His glory on the new year's eve.

We had a great chance of visiting a place -an unique place. The place where Ayyappan stayed for two months to organize militants to fight against “Udayanan”.

Many are not interested in visiting these type of places. What indeed is so special about a old building? - especially to a group of devotees who are interested in tour - than yatra. To many, there is nothing spiritually worthwhile except when there are publicity, pomp and splendor. But for a person who is inclined towards the Lord -with a bond called devotion, he is attracted to his divine leelas. For a person who is involved in Upasana and mantra shastra - the solitude and divine presence is felt only at very few places.  The divine grace of My Bhaktaparipala and anugraham of my great grand father Shri.Chaami Anna, has never failed to guide us and because of this divine grace we finally made it to the place.

The Alangadu group has an inseparable role in the history of Sabarimala. Even today they have the special privilege of doing the last pettai thullal at Erumeli and the Krishna Parundhu appears during their pettai.

Few years ago ie exactly during 1863 AD Sri Kesava Pillai of Ambadathu Family,a pious gentleman by nature was an ardent devotee of Lord Sree Ayyappan. He was the chief of ‘Alangadu Yogam’ and was leading the group for Erumeli Pettai thullal.

Usually the Alangad yogam starts on Dhanu 19(around Jan 3rd) But  Unfortunately that year he was heldup at Thiruvananthapuram on an official duty. He could return to his ancestral home “Ambadathu” only on Dhanu 29,ie,one day before Makarajyothi. Sri Kesava Pillai was totally dejected but soon composed himself and started the pilgrimage to Sabarimala.

During the journey, Sri.Kesava Pillai was in a disgusted state as he could not start the yatra in time and was going all alone. On the way he met with a middle aged Brahmin. Seeing him, pillai felt that his mind experienced some peace as well and was happy at the company. They both proceeded the yatra together. A long way to go and they have not even covered half the distance. Soon it became dark and they took rest at the nearby temple. The Brahmin handed over his Mudravadi and Mudra Sanji (Bhasma bag) to Sri.Kesava Pillai and requested him to wait there till he completes his evening prayers. Sri.Kesava Pillai, who sat there waiting for the Brahmin, was very tired and he dozed off.

Suddenly somebody woke him up saying "its time for Makara Jyothi"... Kesava Pillai could not beleive anything !! yes ! - he was near the Padhinettampadi at the Sabarimala Sannidhanam along with others and got the Jyothi Darshanam. Then he understood that the Brahmin, who came along with him, was none other
than Lord Ayyappan himself, for whom he was desperately praying.

There were no bounds to his joy ! Wonder-struck with the experience, he climbed the pathinettampadi and had the darshan of the Lord Shabarigireesha.

Soon after the darshan Kesava Pillai was in a dilemma as to what to do with the Mudra Vadi and Sanji. The Brahmin reappreared and told Sri.Kesava Pillai to consider the holy things as his embodiement s and consecrate it at the very same residential palace -where Ayyappan stayed hundreds of years ago.

So these were consecrated at the third floor of the Ambadath Palace. Soon Sri.Kesava Pillai got salvation and even today the Mudra Sanji - vibhuti bag and the Mudra Vadi are kept at the palace and poojas are being done. 

Till recent past - this was maintained by the family and was not open to the public. Now Sri.Sudarsan, an auditor, the successor of Sri.Kesava Pillai is now the care taker of the Mudra Sanji and the Mudra Vadi and is doing the poojas.

The very moment we entered the place our minds were filled by inexplainable serenity and joy. A testimony to the Glory of the Lord - right in front of our eyes... I wanted to spend some time there. And when I was doing my japam there - the divine energy emanating from there was unmistakable. Very intense vibrations in the room that houses the Mudra Vadi and Sanji.
Equal amount of energy is emanating from elsewhere confirmed Ayyappan's stay at the very spot.

Just for a moment, the sight made me to reminiscent how the Lord would have appeared while he stayed here.

We were overwhelmed with joy, and tears started rolling from our eyes..

My mind was fully engrossed there itself. I was also vexed with the thoughts that we have to make a move from there. Anyway, With great mental satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment of all our actions we took leave.


  1. Guruji, I am blessed!! After waiting for your post for a month time and reading this post is life time worthy...........Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!


  2. Dear Aravind,

    Swamiye saranam Ayyappa. Thanks for posting such excellent posts. Appreciate it.

    May lord dharmasastha provide energy, health and well being for you to continue to work towards spreading the lord's fame.

    Jaikrishnan Bangalore.