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Monday, February 20, 2012

Shri Ra.Ganapati attained the Lotus feet of Maha Periyava

With a heavy heart, I have to share the news that dear Anna Sri Ra. Ganapathi, attained the lotus feet of Shri Maha Periyava on Sri Maha Sivarathri Night - Monday 20 th Feb 2012 at 7.30 p.m. in Chennai

Anna , a great scholar and an encyclopedia of Hinduism was one of the primary disciples of Shri Kanchi Maha Swamigal. It is he who brought out Deivathin Kural comprising of Sri Maha Perivaa’s teachings and many other books. The lectures given by him over a period of time since 1932 were meticulously collected by Shri Ra. Ganapathi. He painstakingly covered all the discourses, conversations etc of the Maha Periyava over several years and with a very great effort he penned each and every word of Mahaperiayava. Each volume contains nearly 700 pages and has extensive, in-depth material on various aspects of Sanatana Darma.  These publications entitled ‘Deyvathin Kural’ have almost proved to be the encyclopedia of the Hindu Religion. It is not an exaggeration to say that its actually Shri. Ganapati who simplified the teachings of Periyava and took it to the people of all ages

He came in contact with Paramacharya at a very young age and received his guidance at every step. He undertook Srividya Upasana under the guidance of his father.  An ardent worshipper of Amba in the form of Sri Soolini Durgamba. He has thousands of loving admirers who have received invaluable guidance from him through his writings.

He composed many remarkable works on Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Vivekanandha, Ramana Maharshi. His books on Devi like Kamakshi Katakshi, Shri Matha and Navaratri Naayaki - are unforgettabale which imbibed both the devotion and philosophy on Shakta Upasana. (One cannot forget the 90+ page preface given for the book -  Navaratri Nayaki - which gives the juice of Devi Upasana)

He was very close to Shri Sathya Saibaba and remained his most trusted devotee. Sri Anna, apart from being a scholar par excellence, was also a composer and has composed few songs which were rendered by Smt. MS. Subbalakshmi.  

Blessed am I to have personally known one such advanced soul. Sri Ra.Ganapati was the mentor or the guiding spirit behind my writings. I fondly remember that when I met him for the first time, when he heard my name  - he immediately gave a reply "Subramanyam manifested on six Aravindams(lotus) and later became ONE; thats Aravinda Subramanyam" . When I took my book "Shri Maha Sastha Vijayam" to him, he immediately quoted "Aaruda Prauda" sloka and explained its significance. From that day he used to call me "Sastha". 

Anna Ra. Ganapati who was a Naishtika Bramachari; After a brief discomfort for the last few days, he was sure that he is spending his past Karmas and getting ready for the departure. So he turned down the medical treatment .  

Though Iam sure he would have attained Mukti, Its our duty to keep him in our prayers for the countless readers who got benefited out of his books to follow.

Our Sangam offers ananta koti pranams to Sri Ra.Ganapati Anna and prayers to Maha Periyava to grant strength to every devotee to bear the immense loss. 


  1. The world will miss his writing and a lot of his memories with Parabrahma Swaroopam Mahaperiava. May He attain the Lotus feet. Gurunatha Charanam

  2. Part of Shiva, merged with Shiva on "Shivarathri".

  3. An irreparable loss to mankind. May he join Maha Periyaval's Lotus Feet

  4. An irreparable loss to mankind.

  5. I would just like to add the humility of anna.He will always say that he is still Ra (raw) and yet to ripe.And i use to reply that if he is raw where all of us stand and he will give very loving divine motherly smile.

  6. Ganapati & Sararsvati merged in him. He and his writings have been
    always a rewarding Experience. May his soul rest/merge in PEACE.

  7. Anna's Excellent cohesive presentation of Great Kanchi Maha Periava's Guidance to mankind can not be described fully

    Ravindar J

  8. To state it simple without Deivattin Kural i would have never realized the parameshwara Avatar - Mahaperiyava and i am following if not all some of the core samskaras because of this encyclopedia of dharma. No doubt Anna has gone to Sivalokam (as mahaperiya has stated in one such instance of his disciple,'Avan sethu polada sivalogam potirukkan'. Let us all pray for the blessings and support of Ra Ganapathy

  9. sadgurunatha saranam

  10. i was a voracious reader of his books. It kindles our emotions. Each one of his book is a gem. He has shown Sathya Saibaba to many readers when lot of misconception about Saibaba was going round. None can judge his skill. He used to dictate the famous Arivukkanale Arutpunale in the midnight to the brothers who lovingly assisted him in the great works. It was insight and intuition which was prominent in his writings. No words will be sufficient to praise his loving service to the devotees. It is apt that he attained the Divine Lotus Feet on the holy day of Mahasivarathri. We are all deeply grieved about the void he has left in spiritual literature.

  11. Those who have read his beautiful books would shed tears by the departure of Ra.Ganapathi from our midst. Many loved him as their own brother or very close relative. He was unassuming and shunned wealth and fame. He remained as a 'brahmachari' in the real sense. He was always worshiping Brahman and meditate on it in the form of Amba. He had rare insights and could understand Sathya Saibaba, though he was reluctant to go there initially. Once he had gone there, there was no respite. He accompanied M.S to Puttaparthi and he had personal interviews with Saibaba. His contribution in Sai literature is legend. His handling of all subjects with ease indicate his mastery of the subject. He had great intuition and insight. It is not a wonder that Mahaperiava brought him around when he was young, though he didn't appreciate the sampradayams of Kanchi Mutt. Only later, he could convince himself the various strict observances in the Mutt. Afterwards there was no turning back. He will be remembered for ever by his masterly narration in "Deivathin Kural", Navarathri Nayaki etc and also Swami and Leela Nataka Sai. All devotees will miss the great soul! It is apt that he attained on the holy Mahasivarathri which is dear to Mahaperiava as well as Sathya Saibaba!