Friday, August 17, 2012

Right(??) Puja Procedure for Sastha

Dear Anna !

I really feel blessed that I could meet you at Kallidakurichi Sastha Preethi. Its our Kulathooran Sastha who blessed be with this opportunity.

You are doing a great work and wish you healthy and a good span of life to enable us to understand true meaning of so many of this spiritual world.

I am also reading your blogs and books regularly... 

I have one request, what we observe today in most of the Sastha temples, they dont follow a common procedural worship. The worship done in many temples are wrong. 

You have a through knowledge of Agamas and Shastra.. You are regularly visiting many temples too... So I request you to take this as a mission and regulate the pooja methos in all these temples.

Dear Ramanathan,

I dont know whether Iam eligible for the credit given to me. Iam afterall a mere tool and if at all I could do something - it is happening because of Guru Krupa and my beloved Hariharaputra's grace.

And my answer for your request is also the same. 

Iam not a Shankara or Bhaskararaya to formulate or alter the puja procedures happening at a temple. Who am I to refrain them from the procedure they are following ?  

And moreover, how can we come to a conclusion that it is wrong ? Is it not Bagawan's Sankalpam?

When you just think over, you can understand  - what you call procedural or layman's mistakes - even that is happening because of Bagawan's will. When Bagawan Himself is happy with the puja, who are we to question that? 

When Bagawan wants to do something, bring a change or alter something -  He will do it through someone... (Its He who is ruling us and all our pujas are just a humble approach to please Him)

There are nearly more than 10000 Sastha shrines all over the world... And each temple has its own acharam - as decided by Bagawan.  Can we question HIM? For example doing puja with wet clothes is wrong according to Sasthras. But at Sasthru Prabrahma Sthanam - Kadanthethi, you can see people taking bath in the Sathyaka Theeram and with the wet clothes doing 5,11 or 21 pradakshinams. The order is given by Bagawan himself -how can we question that ?

I would like to quote a small story from Ramanujar's life
Once Ramanuja was in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, to worship Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy. At Padmanabha Kshetram, the temple poojas were done by Namboodri Brahmins according to their customs. Ramanuja, being a powerful scholar, tried to alter the form of worship that prevailed in the temple to Pancharatra Agamam. The Namboodris could not stand before Ramanuja's knowledge. But they went before the sanctum of Ananthapadmanabha and prayed to him. “Prabho ! ” they cried. “This Sanyasi is introducing changes in the form of  your worship. We know only our form of puja and we cannot adapt to the changes. And we cannot leave you for this reason. Please save us and dont forsake us ”. The Deity Padmanabha was moved on this request and indicated Ramanuja about His wish of not changing the procedures.  But Ramanuja was very strong with his doctrine. 

That night Ramanuja went to sleep; But when he woke up, the next morning, he found himself at Thiru Vattapparai near tirukkurungudi - a distance of hundreds of kilometers. Padmanabha, who wanted his own pujaris' worship got Ramanuja transported overnight !  

There is nothing call right or wrong in this world. The question is only Bagawan's Icchai or Not... 
Why simply lament on something when we are hardly doing what we are supposed to! 

Let us be sincere in what we are supposed to do and Let HIM decide what should happen next... 

I repeat my own statement again:
My Bhaktaparipala have planned every action that happens next and every molecule in check and under control. Fortunate to be a slave to the ever compassionate master !!! 

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