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As promised earlier, Iam posting few more leelas and few more rare pictures of Shri Kuzhandayanandha Swamigal.

Swamy Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam



Swamigal as Trilingeshwar
       When Swami was in Kashi, an Englishman by name Lord Pramli was the sub collector for the city Kashi. Oneday lord Pramli was in his garden with his wife. Swami passed through the garden. As any other  Englishmen he lost his temper seeing an Indian there. Out of his anger he whipped  Swami, but his wife suffered the pain. He turned red on the above incident and ordered his servants to bring Swami to his residence. But  to his shock the residents were already bleeding and suffering. His anger peaked to the maximum and he locked the door by keeping Swami  inside a room.  As he turned around after locking the door, he was shocked to see Swami outside. He soon realised his mistake.Surrendering to Swami`s feet  he pleaded to forgive his act. Swami made him realise the truth and showered his blessings. Lord Pramli started celebrating this day every year as Swami`s Arathana festival. Even today this festival is celebrated in Kashi in his name.


       When Swamigal was in Pudukkotai, a sanskrit scholar approached him. He told Swami about his longing desire for going to kashi. Swami knew his true devotion and decided to bless him. He asked the scholar to sit beside and close his eyes.  The scholar saw holy Ganges, Sri Viswanatha Visalakshi temple, the samadhis of Guru Ganapathi Baba and Sri Swami in Pancha linga ghat and various other shrines in Kashi inside the closed eyes.  He was filled with joy and started praising the glory of Swami.


     When Swami was in Kaashi with name TrilingaSwami, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa visited the holy place and met the holy man.  After returining to Dakhineswar, while doing pooja, he saw Swami`s form appearing in the heart of Goddess Kali.  He soon understood Swami`s divinity and returned to Kashi along with his disciples and again met Swami and revealed this fact to his disciples.  He saw Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakthi residing in Swami`s holy body.  
Ramakrishna Meeting Trilingaswamigal

Ramakrishna  decraled that Swamigal is a real Paramahamsa and “a veritable image of Shiva”.  After the samadi of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Swami Vivekananda who could not bear his Guru`s departure met Swami.  Swami understanding Vivekananda blessed him so that he could meet his guru whenever he wanted to.


Sri Swamigal with a devotee
(during his second Samadhi Period)
     Swami was once proceeding to Ujjain.  He then lodged in a mandir, inside a dense forest. A group(which used to sacrifice men towards Goddess Kali) caught Swami and took him with them. Instead of objecting, Swamigal camly sat there and started corrected the rituals which the group made.

After the rituals were over, the Pujari took a sword and was about to cut Swami's head. But before the former action would occur, Swami himself came forward and removed his head with his bare hands as if removing a mask. The headless body, threw the head into the fire;

When the head thus removed was thrown into the holyfire, a new head emerged at Swami's holy body. Everybody were awe-struck and begged the pardon of Swami. Swami ordered the group to put aside these blind beliefs and as a compensatory act to build a samadi there and worship the same. This samadhi is known as "BALAMANDHIR or BALASAMADI".


Once when Swami was in Dindgul, as usual he was surrounded by many devotees. One among was Krishnamoorthi. He had a son who while playing in hot sun suddenly fainted. He was soon taken to the doctor to hear the news that the child has lost his life. The deprived devotee(Krishnamoorthi) took his child to Swami.

He pleaded Swami to give life to his son. Swami agreed to the request of his devotee under a condition that his dead son must be with him in a room which must be locked outside for 3 days. Three days passed away. Fourth day when the door opened, the whole city gridled the room. When Swami rubbed the dead child from head to feet, the child woke up as if he got up from a sleep.

Sri Kuzhandhayanandha Swamigal
in a different attire
(Around his third Samadhi period)

A skeptic person once tried to test Swamigal; He wanted to prove him a fake. He brought a bucket full of Calcium lime (Sunnambu) before Swamigal and in pseudo reverence requested Swamigal to drink the curd he had brought.

Swamigal, immediately drank the bucketful of lime, to the last drop without any hesitation. Within few minutes, the person who did this wicked act fell down and started crying out as he was unable to bear the suffering.


Once, Swamigal went to Pudukkottai; The Maharajah of Pudhukottai arranged for a grand welcome to Swamigal. Just before the great procession could start, Swamigal called the Maharaja and ordered him to burst all the crackers at one instant; The Raja was baffled, but could do nothing when Swamigal insisted again and so he ordered the same.

At once, the sky transformed into carnival of colors. Swamigal commanded to the King “Oh Raja ! see the glimmering lights on the sky. The king was taken aback to see the lustrous form of Sri Swamigal sitting on each and every shaft of the light that appeared in the sky !


When Swamigal spent few years in Tiruvannamalai, people started assembling daily in front of the cave where he stayed. The crows always sought for material benefits and only a very few wanted to know the divinity. Swamigal sat simply with closed eyes and never uttered a word. Suddenly currency coins started falling from nowhere. Those who wanted material benefits, bunched upon the notes and left the place. Even after this, a few people remained there. Swamigal showered His blessings on those who sought spiritual knowledge.

He also gave an indication about a young boy who will come there after few years. Swamigal added that the boy will be an amsha of Lord Muruga and advised people to pray to him. (few years later, the divine boy came to Tiruvannamalai and he is none other than Sri Ramana Maharishi)  


A Muslim from North Arcot district was suffering from a dreadful disease and no medicine could cure him. He had heard the greatness of Swamigal and so came to Tiruvannamalai in search of him. He chanted verses from the holy Quaran and worshipped Swamigal. After a few days he became still worse and fainted. Swamigal appeared before him in the form of a Muslim Fakir and cured his illness without delay.

The man prostrated before the Holy man who gave him freedom from pain and suffering and Swamigal gave darshan in His original form as Brahma Sanyasi. He offered all his belongings at the feet of Swamigal and lived the rest of his life as a sage at Tiruvannamalai.


Swamigal had presented the gift of vision to few of his devotees on rare circumstances. When everyone saw Swamigal in His normal form, very few saw not His but his beloved deity.
Shri Kuzhandayanandha Swamigal

Once, a large heap of flowers and garlands were brought after the Sri Chakra Pooja.  The devotees thought of offering it to Swamigal and Worship him. Swamigal was offered the garland and was decorated with the flowers and paada pooja was done to Swamigal. His body was bathed in divine brilliance and ray of splendor emanated from His face. Sri. Mahalingam, a saint who was present there had a vision of Lord Muruga ( Senthil Aandavar) in Swamigal.

On another day two boys from a drama company came to Swamigal. The troupe was coming from Rangoon and now camped at Madurai. When they came before Swamigal, everyone saluted Swamigal. But the Mridangam player did nothing but kept on looking at Swamigal and tears stared welling out of joyful bliss and finally he broke down and started crying. After sometime, Swamigal gave a “Hmm” sound and he prostrated at Swamigal’s lotus feet.

The boy later informed that Swamigal had granted him the vision of Himself as SSenthil Andavar of Tiruchendur.


Swamigal’s power is immeasurable and cannot be defined. Though he was kept inside the Samadhi in the year 1932, many devotees were blessed with his Darshan even after this.

The very next day of his Samadhi, Swamigal came out of the Samadhi and partook the food from the cowherd boys which was witnesses by a shopkeeper.

He also gave darshan to Shri. Ragupati Venkatraman , one of his prime devotees and also Swamigal’s (brother’s) desendant. He ordered to construct a temple for him at Vathalagundu

Shri. Sivasubramanya Iyer, one of the ardent devotees of Swamigal, was also a freedom fighter and was imprisoned during Swamigal’s Maha samadhi time. After his release he started coming to the Samadhi daily. Once he brought his 5 year old daughter and asked her to sit near the Samadhi, while he went to well to take bath. On his return, he was astounded to hear from his daughter thet Thaatha (Swamigal) came out of the Samadhi pit and played with her.


     * One who is not satisfied will not satisfy anybody. One who is happy and contented will always make others happy.

     * The tongue is always ready to speak unwanted things. One must always have a control over it.

     * We should always help the needy and not the greedy.

     * The uncontrolled mind is more dangerous than the dreadful enemy.

     * One must always practice what he preaches.

     * One can win others only if he conquers himself. But conquering oneself is the most difficult thing.

     * The good or evil results only on one's own deed. One's action cannot purify or harm the other.

     * Don't mistake modest men for fools and gloat not to cross-beware whirlpools.

     * Win the enmity through love. Live for others and conquer selfishness. Always fight for truth and conquer the evil.


     1. As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones similarly the soul accepts new material bodies giving up the old      and useless ones.

     2. Though the rivers flow in various places they reach the ocean at last. Similarly whatever may be the religion, the ultimate    goal is to reach the Brahma - the only GOD.

      3. The Brahma which is Birthless, Endless, Formless and Flawless assumes various forms to guide the  mankind.
Sri Raaja Poojitha Kuzhandayanandha Swamigal Mahima Ashtothra Naamavali

1.     Om Ajaaya Namaha
2.     Om Ajabaaja Preethaya Namaha
3.     Om Agajesi Prasada Bhuve Namaha
4.     Om Arunadri Thabhassaryaya Namaha
5.     Om ArpakaayaNamaha
6.     Om Aacharya Yogadrise Namaha
7.     Om Aanandamayaaya Namaha
8.     Om Aacharyaya Namaha
9.     Om Aagamanda Vicharathaya Namaha
10. Om Ebaasayathmane Namaha
11. Om Ebyasam Poojithaya Namaha
12. Om Eeshanathrayavarjithaaya Namaha
13. Om Eedikne Namaha
14. Om Eebsitha Daaya Namaha
15. Om Uchishta GanesopaasanaayaNamaha
16. Om Oordhvadhrushtaye Namaha
17. Om Oordhvarethase Namaha
18. Om Rigvedhadhre Namaha
19. Om Rishaye Namaha
20. Om Ridhithaaya Namaha
21. Om Enangavadhanaya Namaha
22. Om Enomushe Namaha
23. Om Ihigaishwarya Dhaayakaya Namaha
24. Om Omkaaraya Namaha
25. Om Ojaswinae Namaha
26. Om Audhaaryaathi Gunaalayaaya Namaha
27. Om Annapoorna Krupapoornaaya Namaha
28. Om Amho Mushe Namaha
29. Om Anahankrudhaaya Namaha
30. Om Kaligne Namaha
31. Om Kalpanadheethaaya Namaha
32. Om Kamandalu Kaashaayapruthe Namaha
33. Om Kashi Manikarnikaa Samsrayaaya Namaha
34. Om Kumaaraya Namaha
35. Om KaalaDesikaaya Namaha
36. Om Kesaraaya Namaha
37. Om Keela Kaamine Namaha
38. Om Ganapathip Priyaaya Namaha
39. Om Gangavakaahinae Namaha
40. Om Kaangeya Subhamachaaya sumoothimathe Namaha
41. Om Gireesaaya Namaha
42. Om Keeshpadhaye Namaha
43. Om Girijaa Raadhanaya Namaha
44. Om Guhaaya Namaha
45. Om Karunaalaye Namaha
46. Om Gora Chandi Homa Dharshitha Vaibhavaaya Namaha
47. Om Chakravarthi Samaaradhyaaya Namaha
48. Om Chakra Raaja Samarchakaaya Namaha
49. Om Chidhaknaaya Namaha
50. Om Chinmayaaya Namaha
51. Om Chinna Samsayaaya Namaha
52. Om Saasthra Sevithaaya Namaha
53. Om Jagath Gurave Namaha
54. Om Janma Heenaya Namaha
55. Om Jara Marana Varjithaaya Namaha
56. Om Jarapaathavasappooraya Namaha
57. Om Jishashipurakosaaraaya Namaha
58. Om Gnanine Namaha
59. Om Gnana Prathaaya Namaha
60. Om Gyeyayinamaa Namaha
61. Om Dimbaaya Namaha
62. Om Dundu Sahaayavathae Namaha
63. Om Thathvavidhae Namaha
64. Om Thathva swaroopaaya Namaha
65. Om Sri Trilinga Swaminae Namaha
66. Om Thunthulaaya Namaha
67. Om Dakshina Moorthi Sathsishyaaya Namaha
68. Om Dhikvaasase Namaha
69. Om Dhishanaarchithaaya Namaha
70. Om Naikaalaaya Namaha
71. Om Niralambhaaya Namaha
72. Om Nethre Namaha
73. Om Nepaala Poojithaya Namaha
74. Om Paramathmane Namaha
75. Om Parasakthi Poojanarhaaya Namaha
76. Om Paraathparaaya Namaha
77. Om Poornaaya Namaha
78. Om Puraanaaya Namaha
79. Om Paladhaaya Namaha
80. Om Baalakaaya Namaha
81. Om Munaye Namaha
82. Om Poorithaaya Namaha
83. Om Poori leelaaya Namaha
84. Om Bhuvana Manthra yanthara vidhyae Namaha
85. Om Sri Meenakshi Chikataashatyaaya Namaha
86. Om Yogeesaaya Namaha
87. Om Raama SevithaayaNamaha
88. Om Lambothra Pramaaya Namaha
89. Om Lalithobhaasthi Thathparaaya Namaha
90. Om Viswamoorthaye Namaha
91. Om Visaalakshaaya Namaha
92. Om Sri Vidhyopaasakothamaaya Namaha
93. Om Shanmaathura pthaam poja sakthaaya Namaha
94. Om Shatgunavathye Namaha
95. Om Soothiye Namaha
96. Om Sarvakaaya Namaha
97. Om Sidhaaya Namaha
98. Om Sidhithaaya Namaha
99. Om Subrahmanyaaya Namaha
100.                    Om Haripriyaaya Namaha
101.                    Om halasya kshtra nadha Bakthaaya Namaha
102.                    Om Haalasyakshetra Sidhi puryayaNamaha
103.                    Om Kshemam KarayaNamaha
104.                    Om Kshetra Baalaaya Namaha
105.                    Om Kshwma Vaasase Namaha
106.                    Om Kshamana Nidhaye Namaha
107.                    Om Satguru Baaladesikendraaya Namaha
108.                    Om Satguru maunadesikendraaya Namaha
Om Satguru Baala ganapathi swamineNamaha
Om Satguru swaminaatha Prabhrahmane Namaha

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