Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Audio Recording - Question Answer Session

Swami Sharanam

Our Friend Shri.N.S.Kumar have recorded my  upanyasam at Mulund Bhajan Samaj , December 2013. Apart from the Hariharaputra Sapthaaham, we had few question answer session. The audio recordings of that day is uploaded.

Ive answered the questions raised on that particular day within the time frame.

The content is as follows:-

01 What is the meaning of iru vinai.mp3
02 Who should perform the Mala Dharnam on first day of Vratam.mp3
03 What is the significance of ghee  in the coconut Can one take more than one mudra thengai.mp3
04 Kettunarai-Some do at home, Some do at Pamba Is it Right or Wrong.mp3
05 Significance of 18 steps.mp3
06 Please explain Shastha's swaroopam.mp3
07 Who is big - Vishnu or Shiva.mp3
08 Eight Avataram Eight Swaroopam.mp3
09 Relation between  Kambankudi and Shastha.mp3
10 Meaning of Samstha Aparada Rakshane.mp3
11 Is Murugan Anna or Thambi of Shastha.mp3
12 Can ladies sit for Ayyappa Laksharchana.mp3
13 About Noorni Shasthapreethi.mp3
14 Can ladies chant rudram.mp3
15 Is vratam compulsory.mp3
16 Shraadham after mala dharanam.mp3
17 On the way to Sabari malai yatra, we pick stone and put it another location, explain.mp3

The link to access these files is

The link is a public link hence anyone can access it.

My Special thanks to Shri.N.S.Kumar once again

Swamy Sharanam
Bhaktaparipala Paadha Renu
V.Aravind Subramanyam

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