Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Shri Maha Sastha Stuti Mala"

Swami Sharanam

The members of Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam has brought out an Audio Cd on Lord Ayyappa titled "Shri Maha Sastha Stuti Mala" . The CD was released during our Sastha Preethi Mahotsavam on June 2014.

Ancient scriptures and texts praise Lord Hariharaputra as Lord Kalau Sasthru Vinayakau - Pratyaksham Tu Kalau.

The are various vibrant stuits and stotras which praise his glory in several ways. among them, a few rare stutis are compiled in this volume.

Listening to slokas about Lord Sastha - Pratha Smaranam, Suprabhatham, Different Dhyana slokas of the 16 different forms of Sastha brings good things to your home. Sasthru Stavaraja Stotram - the king among the stutis of Lord Sastha is a feast to the devotees. Hariharaputra Sahasranama, Ashtotram and Kavacham lifts the spirits of the devotees.

These prayers will please Lord Bhuthanatha and he will grant us health, wealth, prosperity and Salvation.

This is dedicated to the Lotus feet of Sri Gurunathar and Poorna Pushkala samedha Sri Bhakthaparipala Maha Sastha

The noble mission of recording this Audio CD is to propagate the Stotras of Lord Sastha.

The cost of the CD is Rs.70/-

For copies of the CDs, contact :
Shri. Shrivibhavan Ph: 9487019489

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