Thursday, August 28, 2014

Swami has arrived - Sasthalaya Sevanam

Swamy Sharanam

We have been doing the Sasthalaya Sevanam - renovationg dilapidated Sastha Kshetrams.
(For those who are new you may visit here for the past 3 years...

Ive already written about our involvement with this temple ( Details given here : and )
Lord Kirathan

Kannimoola Ganapati
As instructed by Bagawan and with the support of devotees we had ordered for Shila Vigraham for Lord Kiratha Sastha and Ganapathy and Panchaloka Bimbam for Devi.

The stapati had told us that he needs atleast 20 more days to complete the vigraham. Today morning, (being the auspicious Uthra Nakshatram), we had call from the Stapati informing that the Stone Vigrahams are ready. Without any delay we rushed to the spot and we were astonished to see the black beauty - ashyama komalan - Lord Kirathan.
Opening the Eyes
Puja by the Stapati

 The Stapati did his own rituals and pujas to complete the vigraham and opened the eyes. The ever merciful Lord in all his majesty is now ready to bless his devotees. Along with him is Lord Ganesha - to remove all our hurdles and to witness tomorrow's Chaturti.

Now we also got a phone call that the Gopura Kalasams are also ready. - All happening in the same day ... !!!

Bagawath Sankalpam...

As suggested by the Lord - it is evident that the Lord is happy about the present happenings and We are sure that, as promised by HIM, he is directly blessing the devotees who is taking part in this venture.

We are awaiting for the next process of completing the Srikovil and Kumbabhishekam of the temple.

Vettakkorumakane Sharanam Ayyappa !!
Vettakkorumakane Sharanam Ayyappa !!

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