Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Q & A 2- Karma & Parihara

Dear sir, many thanks for your explanation. I have some more questions along with some questions on the answers you gave.

Allow me to express my other questions first.

They say god is a perfect judge. If he is, why do they say that if we do some ritual (like vrath, pooja, nomu, etc...), the sin will be cancelled? So, what if bad people take advantage of this, and commit sins, and they follow the told ritual, to escape the punishment after death.

I think, the perfect judge will never have partiality towards the sinner.

So, I think, whatever rituals we do add to our plus points but will never deduct the minus points. Like, for example, I will definitely go to hell if I commit sins along with heaven for my good deeds and good rituals.

please advice your view.


Dear Charan..

Iam happy to see your interest. This is a nice and meaningful question...

Consider a normal human judge...
He rewards for your good deeds and punish for your bad deeds.. Suppose if he accepts some benefit from you and makes a partial decision, will you respect him thereafter?

Similarly, our perfect judge (GOD) never favour sinners..

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

The rituals.. are for people who REALLY repent for their mistakes and want to do a remedy for the wrong done. Even then God may only dilute the effect but will not remove or erase it fully.

Heartfelt bhakthi is the only way to earn God's grace and nothing else... And only for these people God intervenes in their Karma...

For all others, (who try to escape through these rituals) these rituals are mere events... They try to fool God but fooling themselves. Their rituals will have zero effect.

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