Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Q & A 4- Guru

dear sir,

what is the importance of guru?

they say, "a tantra / mantra / yoga / jaap / upasan / etc... will not succeed without a guru who got 'siddhi' in that."

if a learner wants to learn more than one vidhya, do he has to make more than one person his guru?

we don't know each other. still, i get perfect answers from you. i don't know how to express my gratitude.
Please also kindly explain me the importance of GURU. I don't want to know who is guru. I want to know WHAT GURU IS.

please explain.


GU, means Darkness,and RU means Eradication. GURU is the one who removes this Darkness(of ignorance).

Once a devotee asked Ramana Maharshi- Whom should one take for one’s Guru?
Sri Ramana said: Choose that one where you find you get shanti (peace)

So the person who gives the eternal bliss and peace(to the soul) is the Guru.

You have asked about Guru's importance: According to me Guru is more than God.

God accepts a person, only after removing his impurities or bad qualities.
In other words, God accepts what is Best.
But the ever compassionate Guru accepts us as we are(with all our plus and minus)... that is His greatness.

Coming down to other Areas as you have questioned, any spiritual practice will not succeed without a guru "who got 'siddhi' in that."

Simple Logic- Only fully charged battery can make the light glow. Only a Guru with the Siddhi(mastery) can bestow it to a sishya.

In general it is always better to accept Eka Guru (single guru). Just like one father and one mother -the Guru too should should be one. This is mostly advised for Athma Guru.(the one who is going to liberate you)

if a learner wants to learn more than one vidhya, do he has to make more than one person his guru?

Yes. In such a case it is allowed. But with the consent of the (original) Guru. Note.. you may have more than one Guru but you cant change your Guru.

All Gurus should be treated with equal importance. Nothing should be concealed between them. Devotion, service, treatment and behavior everything should be alike.

In other words, you must serve all the Gurus with a Bhava that they are nothing but different forms of the Same entity.

dear sir, I'm grateful to your kind self in many ways. I express my apologies to you as I was gathering answers to the same questions from various persons. I wanted to get various views on the same matter. one of them wrote to me as follows:

"One needs a guru.. esp for spiritual purpose becos they have to be learnt under able guidance - not in the sense of commercialisation. There are vidyas, which are passed on in parampara - so a teacher + student relationship is very cohesive that way. Being a teacher it becomes an obligation to choose the right student, and for the student its a gr8 chance to learn good things. Thats the reason why, a spiritual guru is supposed to come to you by himself .. when you are good enuff.... "

Please advise me wether I am not good enough to be a shishya or is it that a guru approached me and i didn't recognise him???

The answer for this question... is the divine secret.

The Guru -Sishya relationship cannot be determined in One janma..

You may have come across 1000s of janmas and at some point you step into the path of realisation.. At that time your Guru comes...

He is the one who is going to liberate you and take care of you..

This is the reason for many people..the Guru come to you by himself.

This doesnt mean that you should keep quiet..

But how to estimate or evaluate your spiritual caliber?
It is not practically possible....
Dont underestimate yourself or over estimate yourself.

(one small advise.. never try to estimate your Guru)

You be sincere.. and Amba will send you Your Guru..
This will happen automatically and involuntarily...

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