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Meaning of Carrying Ghee in Cocunut

Dear Anna
Swamy Sharanam!!!!!
Can you please explain of Carrying Ghee in Cocunut for abhishekam to sabarimala, i hv got various answer for this Can you pls telll me significance of the same
Swami Sharanam


The meaning of carrying Ghee in the coconut is an age old and unique tradition that is followed in sabari malai... unfortunately people today follow it without even knowing the meaning.

This is an unique worship - all your vrutam is focussed towards this irumudi and the irumudi is containing this ghee... All your 48 days of Vrutham is now given a final shape... for what purpose?

The coconut is nothing but equated to your body and the ghee is the atman... and So the ultimate sharanagati - surrender is the ghee abhishekam... its Atma Nivedhanam

One of my friend who is going to sabari for the past 20 years(and also a Guruswamy) commented, its just because those days people did not have any containers and ghee will last long for more days and thats the only reason for taking Ghee... Sheer Arrogance I say... then why not take honey, why not chandanam which will last long as well...

Its a very great quality to accept things which you dont know; but people's ego never allow them do so... Especially with Sastha - whenever u think you are "too smart" and give judgement on His issues... He'l immediately show who is smarter...

You surrender yourself to the Lord... thats the Thathvam of Nei Thengai...

And once you do your Kettu Nerai.. Your existence ends there.. YES !!!!
Iam not telling this of my own.. what i've learnt from many senior Guru Swamis, like my grandfather Kalpathy Chami Anna, My Guru and stalwarts like Kambankudi Mama and many others, Iam giving this statement..

Once You are doing your "Kettu Nerai" you are equal to that of a dead body... coz... Your atman is now installed in the Nei Thengai... (Remember.. the 3 hands of rice has a very very subtle and supreme meaning).. Now correlate this with the unique system of sabarimalai yatra of starting the journey without looking back, no farewell, no good byes etc...

And now answer me...
How can you allow Mr. X to put in the rice for your Kettu ?
How can one carry the coconut for (which is his own self) Mr. Y

As far as Iam told only during unavoidable circumstances one can carry the "Nei Thengai" of another person in his irumudi - only for persons to whom he "Karmically bound"

Today, we see any one can put in the rice, any one can even fill the ghee and a devotee can carry "Nei Thengai" on behalf of 7-8 persons

This is the reason I mostly avoid attending Kettu Nerai... The situation becomes embrassing and I generally vacate the place till its over...

How can you expect your results - when you write exams for 5 people?

Please excuse me devotees...Iam not talking out of arrogance but out of sorrow. Today 99 % of the devotees do not follow any thing... Sabarimalai has already become a picnic spot...

Just filling the coconut with the Ghee is not kettu nerai... you can very well take it in a plastic container instead of so much trouble. Thats what its happening today...

Its hardly difficult or its only 1% to see a proper kettu nerai...

And you have certain qualifications to Sit as the Guruswamy for Kettu Nerai... for which moola mantram is a must.. and he has to do the avanaham of Sastha in the Mudrai and do the Bhandanam.. with Astram (not every Guruswamis will be having moola mantram but atleast he can invite a Sasthru upasaka to do that or atleast do follow the basic procedure even without moola mantram) this process will be concluded only at Sannidanam for the abhishekam..

When properly done.. each Nei Abhishekam becomes a Mini-Kumbabishekam for Swami... Your Vrutham adds the Sannidyam multifold. You offer yourself to the Lord and he gives himself...

Sorry if iam a bit harsh, but

My humble request is.. please try to learn things and then crave for the blessings of the Lord.

Doing things which are not told is not going to make any difference. or

When you dont do things which are prescribed you are in a neutral state - No Plus and No Minus...

But doing things which are prohibited will have serious consequences...

Poi Inri Meiyodu Nei Kondu Ponal Ayyanai Nee Kanalam

Hariharaputram Saastharam Sadha Bhajeham Maaya Kaaryam Thyejeham
May Lord Hariharaputra be with you always, giving you the best of everything.

Swamy Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam

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  1. Swami Sharanam
    It is indeed an excellent teaching. I for one having had darshan at Shabarimala for 41 years did not have clarity on the tatwa behind Tenga & Nai. I also thought it was the most suitable container based on those days non availability of plastic or breakable glass bottles
    My opinion however is not based on arrogance but on ignorance.
    Thanks for everything
    S Ganesh