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Mudra Vadi and Mudra Sanji

One query. Can you explanin the sancity of saccred Muthra Vaddi.  reg.specification and the qualification of having muthra vaddi and some additional information how to preserve the same with regular pooja etc

One more question, what is the meaning of Viboothi Bag and sasthra of keeping the same. One of my friend told me that along with Mudra vaddi, we should keep Veboothi bag also. Is it true???

- from a devotee

Mudra Vadi is Lord Sastha Himself. And it should not be bought from a shop or a store for price.. If you are ready for it, it will reach you automatically.

 Iam not telling this explanation of my own.. what i've learnt from many senior Guru Swamis, like my grandfather Kalpathy Chami Anna, My Guru and stalwarts like Kambankudi Mama and many others, Iam giving these statements.

My Grandfather (Kalpathy Chaami Anna) was the one who started the Pankuni Uthram festival at Sabarimala(which was closed till then). He made the temple open on Pankuni uthram day and on his own accord continued the puja for decades together -which went upto Athirudram - until his demise. His Mudravadi is still preseved and we are worshiping it.

The Mudra Vadi is not a mere Perambu- Stick - but a manifestation of Lord Sastha. 

There are certain rules and specification for the size of the Mudravadi and few treatments before getting it ready. 
The specifications for mudravadi (iam not commenting or refusing the system followed by various Guruswamis in their group. Each may have their own system) but this is the one- as taught to me by my Gurus:

The Vadi should have an odd number of kanus and at the same time be of the height equating to the size of 48 times of his fingers of the person who is going to do puja to it. (ie leaving the thumb, 12 times the size of remaining 4 fingers) then the vadi should be applied regularly with Nallennai and turmeric and should be placed above the homa kundam in such a way that the smoke of the homam reaches the Vadi. This is continued for a mandalam. and Now the vadi is packed with the silver and now the avahanam of the Lord is done and prana pratishta has to be done to the vadi installing the pancha prana in the vadi and make the Atma Pratishta and the Lord in installed on the Vadi.

After tagging/packing the mudravadi with silver - one has to do the Avahanam of Lord Sastha in it and install the divine force in the vadi. And the Vadi is adored to the Lord and pujas are done at Sanctum Sanctorum. After this once its brought back - daily puja has to be done for the Vadi - because its Sastha himself.

After this, pujas has to be done for it considering it as the Lord Himself. Now this may be taken to sannidhanam for a special puja and then brought back to home. Utmost Acharam has to be followed as and Now its equal to the Lord himself.

This is the reason many dont prefer having the Vadi at their home. I now recollect an incident shared by one illustrious Guruswamy: A renowned Sastha upasaka of yester years appeared in his dream to reveal the fact that his Mudra Vadi is not properly worshipped by the family which is having it now. And he requested him to make necessary arrangements to ensure proper puja is done 

For this purpose Moola Mantra Archana is prescribed - so upadesham of Sastha moola Mantram becomes mandatory. If not atleast the Ashtothra Archanas of Sastha Can be used to do puja. Abhishekam to the Mudra Vadi occassionaly whould also be done

(it is a practice not to keep the mudra vadi directly on the ground  - instead on a platform or in a plate filled with rice or Bhasma)
Qualification of the Mudra Vadi is decided by one's Guru and no one else... There is no second thought here... 

The puja methods for the Mudravadi is same as that of Lord Sastha including abhishekam and other rituals. Nitya Puja is a must once you have it and the minimum eligibility to worship Sastha in a Vigraha or Mudra Vadi would be initiation into Sasthru moola mantra.

For Nitya Pooja:

1. One may use each mantra of Pushusa sukta or Shri Rudram for Shodasha Upacharas.
2. During Abhisheka, one may recite Srisukta, Durga sukta, Sasthru Sooktam and Rudram if time permits.
3. It is necessary to do archana with the moola mantra preferably with bhasma
3. One may then do archana with Sahasranama, Trishati or Ashtottara and conclude with Dhupa, Deepa and Naivedya

 The Velichappadu or Sthanikaas have this Mudra Vadi in the hand once they get into trance and seated as the physical representative of the Lord, they had all the power and were able to predict things crystal clear. During Traditional Sasthe Preethi pujas, the Mudra Vadi is haded over to Chellapillai - who is the son of Lord Sastha.

And Mudra Sanji 
Similar to Mudra Vadi the Mudra Sanji gets equal importance is Sasthru Upasana. And this Mudra Sanji is given to a person - this is further more confined and decided by Guru only by the merit and caliber of the Sishya. It is not a must that Mudravadi must accompany mudra sanji - again I come back to the Golden Rule - GURU VAKYAM PRAMANAM... Its the Guru who will decide it..

Only when the Guru feels satisfied that the sishya is a Sat-pathram and has raised to a level of Guru, he may give this Mudra Sanji or Vibooti Bag to him. This Bhasma Sanji - is pratyaksha Sastha. All the rules that are followed for Mudravadi also holds good for Mudra Sanji.

This Mudra Sanji is generally not a new one but the one - which is being used by the Guru. This is passed on to the Sishya - generation after generation. In short - a person who has the capacity to solve the problem of others, who come to him is given this rare oppurtunity. Regular vibooti bag is totally different from Mudra Sanji (today one may get a beautiful Vibhuti bag from Giri Trading Co and keep it, and you can very well know what worth it has.)

Even today I handle my Mudra Sanji with utmost care and Iam nervous whenever I touch my Mudra Sanji. There are also many practical methods as to how to give the prasadam and whom to give the prasdam from the Mudra sanji... Iam afraid that I cannot disclose more facts on this.

There are still many who claim to have the Mudra Vadi and Mudra Sanji of Kottarakara Harihara Iyer, Palai Baskara Iyer and other such Veterans. This itself shows the importance of Mudra Vadi and Mudra sanji

Having a Mudra Vadi (or Mudra Sanji) and maintaining it with proper worship - is a difficult process. When Shri Harihara Iyer offered to give the Mudaraivadi to Neelaknada Sir, he refused to accept it as he felt he does not desere to have it.

Unfortunately, we find today - the so called Gurusawmys walking with Mutharivadi like walkingstick..!!!!


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