Monday, October 4, 2010

Sri Shuba Drishti Ganapathy

Swami Saranam,

I got the below information from my close friend that in chennai  SRI.SHUBHA DRISHTI GANAPATHI photo is available - small and big.

Also they are sugguesting to chat below mantram everyday min 31times and max chatting will get better benefit.......


How far this is true.  Kindly clarify

Let me make it clear... 

Mantra Shastra is totally different from practically what we see... 

It will be surprising to know that things which are promoted by "so called" spiritual magazines or neo Gurus are no way acceptable by the mantra shastra... 

The main thing to be noted it, when you do things which are not prescribed by the shastras the net result may be either way - positive or negative but when we venture into things prohibited by the mantra shastras then sure we are going to land some where else...

Again my words may hurt may and again I may get the title of "threatener".... But Iam not threatening any one but Iam just telling you the truth... 

Last month I saw a instant stall in front of a temple with a lady selling doop stick packets she gave me and he said by lighting this one can get the result of doing " Ganapati homam... "

She said this specific type of dhoopsticks are manufatured by some Agastya or Bogar ashram... with Sidhar secret !!! (I think today Agastya and Boga seem to have more leisure time - most of the Swamijis claim to talk with them !!! ) 

How can a mere dhoopa give the result of a homa ? This is nothing more than a cheap marketing technique in the name of God...

Then why our ancestors spent so much of time is doing all these Kriyas.... Just buy an incese for 15Rs and get Ganapaty Homa Result, buy 4 packets, burn it and do Chandi homa Result.... Buy 25 packets and get the result of doing all the homams in your life time....

Please understand - anything which has pramana on Sasthra - is only acceptable. You cannot invent or introduce new practices, new swamijis or even new Gods....

You find Saibaba Yantra, Ragavendra Yantra and even to the extent of - moola mantra for Nithyanandha....

Even I can make a claim that Jesus Christ created Lord Brahma.....  will it be true? 99% of the claims made today by these people are similar to this.

Not only this... may conventional practices are also "out of the way" 
A simple instance.. which may be very much surprising to many of the devotees is lighting of "Elumizham Pazha Vilakku" ie Lemon Lamp during Rahu Kalam especially for Durga.

This is nowhere found in the Sasthras....

I still wonder how this started.... You are not even suppose to cut a flower or a fruit in the divine sannidhanam.. then how can you burn it ?

All these practices may be there for a very long time. But adhering the sasthras is the primary importance.

What to do? All these may look fancy But following the Sasthra only can give the result

Now coming to this query of Shuba Drishti Ganapaty

Mantra Sasthras give a lot of forms for Shri Maha Ganapaty... all the forms of Ganapaty are acknowledged and each has its own  form, Moola Mantra and bestow specific result. 

For instance you have Sankata Hara Ganapaty for removing sorrows,
Runa Hara Ganapaty to remove liabilities and debts, Vidya ganapaty for education and many more...

Ganapatyam Starts from Maha Ganapaty and Srividya Ends with Ucchishta Ganapaty.

You may also see my article on the 32 forms of Ganapaty

Apart from this you have 16, 108 and many more forms of Ganapaty. 

But all the other form are acknowledged by Sasthras and properly recorded... The moola mantras of these forms of Ganapaty are taken as a upadesham from the Guru and the initiated disciple practices it.

But... This Shuba Drishti Ganapaty can no where be found in any Sasthras... Suddenly some 8-9 years back a craze started and almost every house in Tamilnadu had the picture of this Kan Drishti Ganapaty (Later renamed as Shuba Drishti Ganapti)

This was created by an eminent Sculptor named Baskaradas from Chennai(as per the divine  instructions he got from one Swamiji)

I have a great regard for the Sculptor for his talent and knowledge.. One of my friend was his neighbor and his devotion is something extra ordinary. Out of his own divine experience and of a divine dream he has created this form of Ganapaty.

But I personally cannot accept the idea of creating new forms apart from what is prescribed in the Sasthras..
(This is 100% my personal opinion and be sure and clear that Iam not passing any judgments or comments on anyone)

There are numerous forms of Pillayar  like Cricket Ganesha, Kargil Ganesha and many more displays during Ganesha Chaturthi... 

When you see everything as Ganesha- he is even there in "Manjal" or even in the Cow Dung.. But when you come to Kriya- 100 % rules has to be followed

When the Shuba Drishti ganapati itself is formed after 1996 I dont know where people derive the mode of worship to this Ganapaty..   

When the very form itself is under question how can you "derive" a moola mantra for that form ? and what is the source text for prescribing 31 times x so many days etc etc

All the moola mantras or Mala Mantras are given by Rishis - I dont know which rishi gave the moola mantram for this Ganapaty after 1996

Thasmai Kaalathmane Nama : thats my ultimate answer...