Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Tirupathi Malai mel Iruppavan Yaar". Who is the Lord of Thirupathi?

The following article was written by me some two years back.....

"Tirupathi Malai mel Iruppavan Yaar". This is based on the  question, Who is Lord Venkatesha of Thirupathi? 

The Article presents various arguments justifying that He is Vishu, Shiva, Muruga and Ambal. Finally we end with a conclusion that He is not only Vishnu, but "Embodiment of All Divinity", an idea expressed by Kanchi Maha Swamigal based on which, I have written this article.

This article created a lot of sensation when it was published. Even a "Gandana Theermanam" was passed on my name at a very famous temple at Chennai.Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) few of my friends who were strong Vaishnavites stopped talking with me when this article was published.

Again Iam making it clear - Iam not saying he is not Vishnu. My view is, "Venkatesha is Parabrahma Swaroopi." - Embodiment of All Divinity"

During this Navaratri Mahotsavam and Purattasi Brahmotsavam, I just felt like sharing it again with our blog members.

Swame Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam

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