Monday, October 24, 2011

Kiratha Roopa Sastharam

This entire year seems to be a wave of Karunyam from Lord Sastha. Though our pradhana moorthi is Maha Sastha, Kiratha Sastha has an important place in our upasana. Many devotees have asked whats our relation with Kiratha Sastha.. I said, if  Maha Sastha is our Praanan - Kiratha Sastha is the Praana vaayu... Thinking back now, its more than my words and the connection is a lot deeper.

Our ancestors were deeply devoted to Lord Sastha and My great grand father Shri. CV Krishnan(brother of Shri.CV.Srinivasa Iyer – Chaami Anna) - worshipped Lord Kiratha Sastha as one of his chief upasana devatas. A certain incident in his life seems to have propelled him deeply into the upasana of Kiratha and he very fondly worshipped him. His love for the Lord was so intense, that as soon as the Lord came to our home last month (in the form of a Vigraham) his divine guidance manifested in the dream. This was followed by the grace of the ferocious Lord- both happened for three consecutive days.

Few years back when I started to Chant Kiratashtakam, to be frank, initially it seemed rather difficult to recite the Ashtakam – which was in Shardula Vikreedita Chandas and was lengthy compared to other mantras. On an enigmatic Saturday of Makara Maasam I was initated to the mantra of the Hunter Lord. That marked the beginning of a bond with the great Lord, that made many impossible things happen. And soon came the Mudravadi – to dispel all my hesitations… So whenever Mudravadi is in my hand, the fierce Kiratha assured that the rest will be taken care of.

The clouds of confusion were cleared by the mighty presence as gently as a mother clearing the curls off her child’s forehead. 

Kiratha is such a vigorous form that he can even do dwamsa to the prarabdha…
I recollect one incident - One of the close associates of my great grand father was suffering with Cancer. Based on divine guidance, he began to petition Lord Kiratha for help and was cured without any treatment. The cry – Yama Mardha beeti rahito divyam gateem shaashvateem - did the trick! The Lord literally brought him back from the city of Mrutyu.

One of the best part which I like most -during my lecture is about Kiratha Sastha... I loose myself even during my Pravachanam while narrating about Kiratha Moorthy.

Though projected as a ferocious deity, the Karunyam of Kiratha Sastha is uncomparable. It has been one of the turning principles of my spiritual life. It is something beyond description. It's a matter of joy and awe.

The same thing happenned last Saturday - Sunday. Iam attending many number of Sastha Preethis right from my childhood and soon after the above said events, the Lord gave an opportunity to conduct Sastha Preethis and also golden chances of doing puja to him. Apart from our regular Sastha Preethi at Coimbatore, we conduct few Sasthru pujas with very close circle. One such annual Sastha Preethi – is at Balu’s house.

Once the name  “Sastha” is uttered – we take up responsibility voluntarily on our shoulders. This time, without any travel plan or discussion, most of us assembled at Balu’s place.

This year right from the beginning, it was so special. First day... during the Sastha homam, the presence around us was unmistakable. Needless to say about the evening lecture which I gave on Kirathashtakam. Since Swami was there in the Vigraha roopam, this year we decided to have Lord Kiratha Moorthy as the pradhana devata. Next day as soon as the avahanam was done, I was completely lost with fervor and excitement. I could feel that everyone of us were simply present there – where everything was takenover by Him. Iam experiencing such contentment after 2-3 years. All that remained was unceasing serenity, luminosity and a presence like never before.

Sastha Preethi is a very rare occasion where the Lord is invited during the special ritual and His message is received and followed.

After the deeparadhana, to our surprise, the presence of Lord Bhutesha was felt. The presence was so forceful, majestic and blissful. Everybody was taken aback with the glory…

The message from the Lord was simple: “I am here for you”

What more do we need? 
Sharanam na anyam prapannosmyaham

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