Monday, October 24, 2011

Sasthalaya Sevanam -a report

Swami Sharanam

Today we have completed One year since we ventured into a divine mission - restoring the age old temples of Sastha. - Sasthalaya Sevanam

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Though we had a great enthusiasm in doing service to the Lord, we had many practical difficulties when we offered a helping hand to work for the temple...

Our main aim is to help dilapidated temples... But the people incharge for those temples were least bothered or rather had a problem in restoring the temples. Many "well to do" temples wanted our help - mostly financially than materials..

The temples with cracked walls & leaking roof - the Panchayat president says "here everything is right... " or "give the money to us, we'l do the things"... So unless we have a known devotee there who could assure things, we were a little hesitant in releasing the money...

But by the grace of Lord we were able to find few deserving temples..

Services done so far

1. Changing the roof
2. Painting the walls
3. Nitya Puja (basic salary for pujari)
4. Puja Vessels
5. Electricity
6. Water Supply
7. Vahanam
8. Veda Parayanam

So far in these 12 months we were able to serve 8 temples...

1. Vijayamangalam - Sastha
2. Oorkarai  - Sastha
3. Surakkai Ayyanar
4. Karaiyadi Azhagar
5. Nalloor Sastha
6. Oorkaval Sastha
7. Sirai Katha Ayyan
8. Melkaval Ayyanar

Though we had an idea of One temple per month, few temples took more than 2 months.. for example, Nalloor Sastha temple wanted complete replacement of thatched roof to tiled roof...

Any way all these temples are ateast improved to some extend...

Now A temple near Brammadesam -have approached us and the work is about to start...

The next temples in pipeline are, 2 Sastha temples near Mayavaram, 2 temples near Kanyakumari and One near Trichy

The common problem we identified was - electricity supply and water supply... Mainly for this reason, its unapproachable after evening.. So water motor is a main requirement... (If any of our readers know any motor company let me know... we shall contact them and get motors atleast at a concessional rate)

With blessings of Lord Maha Sastha and Gurus, "Sasthaalaya Sevanam " is progressing to a satisfactory level.

We have Rs.7000 left for this year... Thats enough for the current temple

A request for the Participants:
To meet this expenses, Each devotee is contributing Rs.100 every month...
Few of the devotees are making monthly transfers and many devotees have made yearly payments... many have made payments during the course of the year etc

For those who have made yearly payments
Now we humbly request  to hold your payments and issue the cheque ONLY during January 2012. Lets have everything from January to December. So that it will be very convenient for us to operate and remind...

Ever in divine service,
Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam


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