Monday, December 20, 2010

Shishya and Guru

The shishya is expected to follow certain rules and regulations which have been detailed in the Rudrayamala:

1. He should never visit the Guru empty handed. He should carry with him fruits and flowers as marks of respect.
2. A shishya, who tries to disprove his Guru’s words and tries to prove his own words as truth, will attain the worst of the hells.
3. A shishya should never take his Guru’s name openly other than during Guru Paduka Anusandhana.
4. Leftovers of Guru’s meal should be consumed as Prasadam by the shishya.
5. Whenever Guru is nearby, that day or that time should be considered as very auspicious.
6. A shishya should never neglect or insult the parents, wife and children of Sri Guru.
7. While performing Pooja or Japa, if Guru or Gurvamba arrive, the shishya should halt his Japa or Pooja and welcome the Guru and his Shakti.
8. While walking with Sri Guru, care should be taken to never stamp his shadow.
9. One should never sit with Guru on the same seat nor sleep in Guru’s presence.
10. Whenever the shishya sees the Guru, he should immediately stand up and prostrate full length at the holy feet of Guru.
11. One should never speak unnecessarily in front of the guru.
12. One should never lie to the Guru.
13. One should never ask Guru for loans or have any financial transactions with him.
14. One should never initiate another person in the presence of Guru. Also, one should not discourse in front of the Guru or try to exhibit one’s knowledge or talents.
15. One should give up one’s own bed, seat, grand clothes, ornaments and footwear in front of the Guru.
16. The same respect should be shown to Guru’s physical form as the deity in temples.

Courtesy : Shri Ramesh Kutticad, Chennai

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