Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Myths of Harivarasanam

I want to clear 2 important myths on Harivarasanam

1. The Karpooram lit during Harivarasanam

Yesterday during the end of the day's puja at a temple nearby - I was there. I generally avoid staying in Swami Nada during harivarasanam for various reasons. Yesterday since only 3 people were there to chant few other slokas I accompanied them and finally came out before the last stanza of Harivarasanam.

Before starting the session there was a little commotion because a person showed Karpura Harathi and everybody shouted at him etc etc (heard that a Guruswamy slapped an "Ayyappan" - for touching this Karpura Harathi.)

Dear Devotees.... its nothing to make fuss for these things...

Since all the lamps are put off during Harivarasanam it is a practice to light a Karpura Haraty in front of the closed door as a mark of continuation of the deepam. Thats all....  (the best part is - the place where all this happened already has an "anaya vilakku" - which burns throughout the day)

2. Hariavarsanam is sung to make the Lord Sleep

Harivarasanam can be sung at anytime... even at early morning. !!!

It is NOT a song to make the Lord Sleep... It says "Hariharathmajam - Devam Ashraye" - I surrender to thee.. How can one surrender to a sleeping person..?

Please read my previous post on Harivarsanam -  with meaning
Sanatana Dharma: Meaning of Harivarasanam

Its only a convention to sing Harivarasanam while closing the Nada... Its not a rule as per Sasthra..
Since its practiced in sabarimala, we also practice it... thats all...

Ive seen people running to the tape recorder and switching it off -if Harivarasanam is played during the morning hours...

Nothing wrong in chanting or hearing it anytime

Hear it now... and pray to the ever merciful Lord
Swamiye.. Sharanam Ayyappa

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