Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mantra Upadesham

Query :
Dear Aravind Guruji,  iam reading all your writings regularly and i have developed a guru bhava towards you... I consider you as my manasika guru and now i have a crisis from which only you can help me.

Can I get the mantra of Kirata Varahi? Can u give me the upadesham of this mantra?

You are the only person who can help... my astrologer has analysed my horoscope and said its full of problems and adviced me to do this upasana


It is actually very ridiculous and funny to hear that an astrologer recommends the "Upasana" of Varahi, that too specifically Kirata Varahi for a problem with one's horoscope. A mantra sadhana is not that easy as you think. You can directly ask me that you are in need of this mantra if you are interested -  I shall say yes or no.

Or If you are really telling the truth then take your horoscope to another proper astrologer who will guide you properly.

Please let me make clear.... Iam receiving many mails like this claiming that Iam their manaseeka Guru etc etc.... A Sishya is a person who must have one to one relationship with his Guru. And one must follow the words of his Guru without a second thought... Only if a person has this maturity he is fit to called to be sishya.

If one can follow 100% what the Guru says then this Maanasika Guru may work out.. But people leave out most of the advises and conveniently choose "selected areas" and claim to be Maanasika sishyas.

And I personally dont accept the concept of Maanasika guru or Manasika Sishya unless a sishya 200% follows his guru. Unless a Guru knows his sishya well, how can he guide him? Ofcourse there may be exceptional cases... But that doesn't happen always.

Similarly for a Guru - A person who cares for his sishya's upliftment without even a trace of selflessness is a Guru.

Today in both sides we have corrupt people....
Today there are sishyas who pressurize and demand upadesham from Guru.. "if are hesitating to give me this mantra upadesham I shall goto some other Guru." or they  make payments in the name of dakshina and get the mantra.

And on the other hand - there are Gurus who are having an inner fear that they may lose their sishya and so venture into dramatic actions.
A very popular person - may be known to most of Ayyappa devotees - claiming himself to be a Gurunathar - he gave a particular mantram as "Mantra Upadesham" to few persons.  The best part is this person has not even got any single mantra upadesham in his life time. A person who gives upadesha without the mantra adhikara is sure to face disasters.

And some more cases - Mantra upadesham thru Phone, thru email - what is all this ?

Many may accuse me of being partial and threatening. But what Iam speaking is truth and only truth. From many real life anecdotes ive seen - my sincere advise is to stay away from such uncalled practices.

When you have Guru Bhava towards a particular person - first shed your ego and hesitation with him. Approach your Guru directly  with utmost humbleness and surrender to him completely. Only then you are eligible for mantra upadesham.

A mantram  is a subtle form of the Lord himself... and the potentiality of mantram varies from person to person. So only a Guru can select a mantra that suits the capacity of the sishya to proceed in his sadhana. By this the Guru purifies the sishya's mind and pray to Lord to obtain the divine grace for the upliftment of the sishya  Not only this - the guru actually is now shouldering the karmic burden of the disciple ... Now it is also the Guru's responsible to take his sishya for salvation. So he takes up the sishya's Karmic burden and prays for its dissolution.

Please understand.. Until the Sishya gets the Gnana(wisdom) the Guru will not attain Moksha. Guru is such an embodiment of compassion. So, direct grace of Guru is vital in any mantra upadesham.

And so, mantra upadesham other than procedural krama order is not going to give any result.

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