Monday, May 23, 2011

108 Sasthalayangal

From ancient times, Lord Sastha has been worshipped in Kerala. When Kerala was created by Parasurama, he wanted the supreme divine force to protect his land. He did penance on Lord Sastha; the Lord appeared 

"rakshitwam kEraLam rAjyam bArgavEna mahAtmana: 
prArtitOham vasishyAmi tatArtham kEraLE drudham" 

- Lord Sastha promised him to stay in the land of God's own country and instructed Parasurama to build as many temples, so that He can stay there.  

Thus Parasurama brought Sastha for the protection of the land and the people.and hence the presence of numerous temples dedicated to Sastha.

Certain places with dense growth of trees are considered sacred, and are the domiciles of the Lord. Those places where Sastha in various forms like Dharma Sastha, Bala Sastha,Vettakkorumakan etc. are called as Kaavu. Legends like Ayyappan Theeyattu and Keralotpatti says that Parasurama has constructed 108 Sasthakaavus.

After a search for many many years... I got the list of these temples few day back... Need to check with the text backup and the details regarding each temple... 

But Iam presenting the list here

May the ever compassionate Lord shower His blessings on us to serve Him more and more

Swamy Sharanam ! 
  1. Thrikkunnapuzha Dharmasasthavu
  2. Thiruvullakkavu sasthavu
  3. Aryankavu dharmasasthavu
  4. Chambrakulangara ayyappan
  5. Chamravattam sasthavu
  6. Achan kovil darmasasthavu
  7. Kulathupuzha sasthav
  8. Kolakkottiri ayyappankavu
  9. Sabarimala sreedharma sasthavu
  10. Kizhakedesam sasthavu
  11. Meenachil sasthavu
  12. Arakkulam dharmasasthavu
  13. Mattil sasthavu
  14. Cheruthazhathukavu sasthavu
  15. Kalleli sasthav
  16. Nandikeswarankavu sastha
  17. Thakazhi dhramasasthavu
  18. Chakkamkulangara dharmasasthavu
  19. Aarattupuzha sasthavu
  20. Manaloor ayyappan kavu
  21. Manakodi sasthavu
  22. Edathra sasthavu
  23. Edathuruthi ayyappan kavu
  24. Kanyakulangara dharmasasthavu
  25. Nettissery sasthavu
  26. Mulankunnathu kavu darma sasthavu
  27. Udalakkavu sasthavu
  28. Kodumpu ayyappa
  29. Manakkadu dharmasasthavu
  30. Thykkadu sasthavu
  31. Akamala sreedharma sasthavu
  32. Thottakkare molukurussy ayyappankavu
  33. Ayyankuzhikkavu sasthavu
  34. Kollankodu Pulikkodu ayyappan
  35. Cherpulasery ayyappan kavu
  36. Poonjal darmasasthavu
  37. Punchapadam pulinkkavu ayyappa
  38. Theeyadikkavu
  39. Nagalassery ayyappankavu
  40. Mundamuka ayyappan
  41. Thichur sasthavu
  42. Malamakkavu ayyappan
  43. Nangulam sasthavu
  44. Neriyamangalam sasthavu
  45. Aanaparambu daramasasthavu
  46. Thayankavu sasthavu
  47. Perungottukavu sasthavu
  48. Kothakulangara sasthavu
  49. Mangalam ayyappan kavu
  50. Chemeli dharmasasthavu
  51. Pottankkavu
  52. Thiruvarchanamkunnu
  53. Malamakkavu ayyappan
  54. Thrikkalathur sreeraman
  55. Vayaskkara dharmasasthavu
  56. Narayanamangalam ayyappankavu
  57. Sakthikulankara sasthavu
  58. Ayyappanpara sasthavu
  59. Manalithara mullapallikavu
  60. Kuttoor sasthav
  61. Pattikkadu dharmasastha
  62. Markkadakkavu sastha
  63. Koodapuzha marathopalli sasthav
  64. Neervilagam dharmasastha
  65. Kaattuvalli dharmasastha
  66. Karukuttikkavu
  67. Kozhikkal kandan sasthavu
  68. Ezhinjillam sasthavu
  69. Kannanallur sasthavu
  70. Kutiyothu temple
  71. Kannadiparambu dharmasasthavu
  72. Chethamangalam ayyappan
  73. Chovvara sasthavu
  74. Edaneer vishnu
  75. Kolasserykavu sastha
  76. Paduvilakkavu sastha
  77. Kaarakkattu sreedharma sasthavu
  78. Paandangari dharmasastha
  79. Rampuram sasthavu
  80. Kanimangalam sasthavu
  81. Elampalli madathil dharmasasthavu
  82. Cheerappanchira mukkalvattam ayyappa
  83. Vyasachalam sasthavu
  84. Karthyakulangara sreedharmasastha
  85. Thechikkottukavu sastha
  86. Mupuramkavu sreekandansasthavu
  87. Varamsasthamkotta temple
  88. Pullukulangara darmasasthavu
  89. Thrikkadambu temple
  90. Chathankottakavu
  91. Kodannoor sasthavu
  92. Mangattu kavu ayyappan
  93. Velupilli dharmasastha
  94. Rarothu ayyappa
  95. Thrivuvaniyoor temple
  96. Malamel temple
  97. Areswaram sasthavu
  98. Karimpuzha sreeraman temple
  99. Chathannoor bhoothanathan (siva temple)
  100. Ponnabalamedu
  101. Koovapalli narkkalakavu
  102. Mundarakodu ayyappa
  103. Eramam muthukkattukavu ayyappan
  104. Kochambalam
  105. Erumeli dharmasasthavu
  106. Kezhoor dharmasasthavu
  107. Niram kaithakkotta sasthavu
  108. Arangavu sasthavu


  1. No one has such a detailed information of 108 temples of dharma shasta.
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