Saturday, May 28, 2011

Upasakas of ShAstA (Hariharaputra)

Dear Devotees,

For the purpose of developing a database, we are collecting the list of Sastha Upasakas throughout India. 

We request you to kindly give the contact information of Sastha Upasakas (people who have got Sastha moola mantra upadesham) belonging to any parampara. Upadesham of any variety of Sastha Mantram (like Dharma Sastha, Kiratha Sastha, Maha Sastha etc) is also included

Even if you know any third person - please refer to us, we shall contact them and update the details

Please provide the following details if possible.


Marital Status

Name of the Guru who gave Sastha Mantra Upadesham

You may prefer to send it to my email id

or Contact me:
V.Aravind Subramanyam

94 B, Third Street, Tatabad, Coimbatore 12
Phone : 99946 41801

Swami Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam

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