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Guru - Mantra Upadesham

After the reply to Mr.X regarding mantra upadesham.. Iam receiving many mails and messages personally from people expressing their doubt regarding this "Mantra Upadesham" and Upasana...

1. How to Get Mantra Upadesham
2. How to approach Guru for Upadesham
Let me throw some light in this Area...
But before that read my following articles (Read in Once again... EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY READ IT)

Guru - Sishya Relationship

Guru - Sishya Relationship Part 2

Mantra Upadesham goes two way - The first one is for exceptional cases where a Mahan or Guru takes Karuunya towards a Sishya and gives him mantra upadesham even without asking. - please note this happens only for exceptional cases due to the accumulated merits of upasana of Purva Janma and this cannot be examples.

The next way  -
a Sishya has devotion towards a particular God and he identifies himself with a particular person as his Guru. First he must openly declare his surrender to his Guru.

He has to literally plead to the Guru for getting a mantra upadesham. It is said that even the Guru has to wait until the sishya asks or rather beg for the upadesham at least three times. Once the Guru is satisfied that the Sishya is a "Sat Patram" he can consider him. (please note : Only Consider).

Because the guru gives mantra to a disciple and because she or he embodies the spirit and life of that mantra. According to the Kularnava Tantra, there is no difference between devata, mantra and guru. "Devata in truth is the same as mantra; mantra in truth is the same as the guru. The fruit of the worship of the devata, mantra and guru is the same."

Moola Mantram is actually going to take you to the divinity. When one is not ready to shed his Ego even for the sake of Mantra upadesham to his Guru, then how can one attain salvation?

I have personally seen both extreme cases of  "so called Sishya" either demanding mantra upadesham from the Guru or his ego preventing in surrendering to the Guru for asking Mantra upadesham.

(Here again the Age, Qualification or Status of a Guru is not a criteria. I wish to quote a real life experiece known to me personally. A 58 year old sishya was a very great devotee and wanted mantra upadesham. He developed a Guru Bhava towards 18 year old person. The young Guru in turn took the person to many other Upasakas including his own Guru.

But the Sishya was very clear... "All these Upasakas are great undoubtedly... But you are my Guru... and I shall wait till u give me upadesham". He literally waited for about a decade to get his first mantram from his Guru.

This is true Guru Bhakthi !!! )

So I come back to square one - Ultimate surrender to Guru is the best way to get mantra upadesham.

Tatviddhi Pranipatena Pariprashnena Sevaya 
Upadekshyanti Te Jnanam Jnanina Stattwadarshinah
Understand the true nature of knowledge by approaching a Guru. If you prostrate at their feet, serve them and question them with an open & guileless heart, those wise person will give you the upadesham of the divine. - says Krishna in Geetha.

However great a person may be, his close associates cannot understand his greatness, often they take him to be as ordinary human being like them. This is the effect of Maya.

A sishya must not get into this trap.

One has to really feel blessed for getting each oppurtunity to serve Guru,salute Guru, Pray to guru, doing namaskarams to Guru. "Whenever/wherever you see your  Guru do namaskaram - says Kularnava Tantram.

Even if you think over the feet of Guru (Guru Paduka) it gives  the result greter than puja or Khetra Darshanam. So if you can see him in person - never miss the oppurtunity to do Namaskaram to him.

Once you see you guru, even if it is a crowded hall or road - fall like a danda(stick) and do sashtanga namaskara.

I have seen many such sishyas doing namaskarams without even a trace of ego.

From my personal experience I can say - this act instantaneously kindles the Karunya of Guru towards the Sishya.

(Beleive me - the same person mentioned above is around 70 years now. He will still, at once , fall down at the feet of his much Younger Guru - wherever he sees him)

My association with many illustrious Gurus have taught me this basic lesson called Guru Bhakthi. So Iam really surprised or rather shocked to see the deteriorating form of Guru Bhakthi...

Many people approach me me for instruction, clarification and initiation. Most of them are sincere who are highly devoted. They need mantras to get their problems solved, achieve something or gain some material or rarely some spiritual benefit. Many other are interested in gaining powers and benefits in the society we live in today.

Only a handful of few are really having the mix of bhakti, inner drive and wisdom. I still find myself searching for a person "who crave to reach the Lord" and seek mantra upadesham for that purpose.

I pray to the divine lotus feet of Lord Bhaktaparipala who is the Lord, the mantra, the Guru, the Sishya, the question, the answer and everything.

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