Monday, June 27, 2011

Kuthiran - My favorite temples - Part I

Kuthiran or Kuthiran mala is a mountainous terrain in Thrissur district of Kerala state, south India. It is in between Thrissur and Palakkad. Most of us pass through the temple and without even knowing what temple it is, follow the practice of throwing away coins at the temple. (Believe me.... the tender is amounting to several lakhs - for the person who has taken the contract for picking up the coins)

The Kuthiran temple in a sacred area date from hoary antiquity.

This ancient temple to Ashwarooda Sastha is located on the slopes of the Western Ghats. It is located in a commanding position, visible for distances around.

According to Keralothpathi.. - the origin of Kerala, Lord Parasurama threw his Parasu - axe into the sea and reclaimed the narrow strip of land from Kanyakumari to Gokarnam. The Sea withdrew from this area and thus came Keralam.

Parasurama divided this area into different settlements. At one of this settlements, He established four small shrines for Sastha at the four Boundaries of the settlement at Akamala, Kuthiran, Oozhath and Edathirithi.

Legend has it that Sastha is seen mounted on an Ashwam - Horse - Kuthira here and hence the name Kuthiraan.

Kuthiran Mala is situated at a height of about 200 feet in a plateau on the Western Ghats, on the way to Thrissur, amidst lush vegetation and salubrious climate.

Donot think this as an ordinary temple... According to me Kuthiran is one of the important places wherein Lord Sastha willingly lives.

Every temple has an atmosphere about it, and Kuthiran's is one of mystery and wonder. It is easily one of my favorite temples.. It can be an especially magical place for upasakaas... 

Ashwarooda Moorthi bestows seen and unseen powers on those crave for His grace.  He is all alone waiting to bless the real devotees... 

The idol of the Lord in seen mounted on a horse... The presence of "my beloved" is so lively here... During last year yatra while returning from Sabarimala, invariably everyone of us had a feeling that the Horse may come to life any moment and start jumping.

I never miss a chance to visit this temple.. and now my passion for Kuthiran has become contagious and all our friends and group members are attached to the Lord here...

At dawn, it is a feast to the eye to stand in front of the Lord and gaze at the Soul Stirring Horse Rider.

At dusk,  He does instantaneously withdraw your mind and conscience!

To have a look at Him is soul-elevating. To stand in front of him for a few minutes is a blessing. 

It is the supreme joy that fills you now all over, all on a sudden!


  1. Dear Swami,
    Its always a blessing to know the glory of Shastavu and his abode from you. We are indeed very lucky to be a follower of this divine blog and not forgetting the blessed author of this blog.
    Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa

  2. In the olden days, the road from Trichur to Palghat was very narrow. Traffic was less. Quality of vehicles waspoor. Thereby, speed was less. All the vehicles will stop in front of this temple. They will break coconuts. Take some rest. Fill up the radiator with water for cooling the engine. It is a rest for the vehicle also. Kuthiran mala was a nightmare for drivers. After crossing Kuthiran, people will feel relieved.
    Today things are different. only very few vehicles stop there and worship Sastha.