Friday, June 17, 2011

The Plan of Sastha

We made a trip to Sabarimalai yesterday combining various reasons... Right from my morning puja I was a very satisfactory that things would go smooth. The grace of all my Gurus and my great grand father will surely help me reach my goals.

Kuthiraan - our favorite spot of the Lord - standing in front of His very Sannidhi gave us an assurance... To be frank - though I felt very happy  and assured there, I never expected such a favorable turn of events from all quarters. 

Throughout the yatra the positive charge was with us... At Pampa during my japam, the main purpose of my visit was accomplished and it was clearly and  physically acknowledged by the Lord. 

The spark gave me the happiness of a lifetime, not because I have achieved something great but to remind me to be more grateful to the ever compassionate God.

The darshanam of our beloved Manikanta was a magical moment(as usual...!!!). and on the whole all the events took a miraculous turn and we were blessed with much more than what we planned and what we expected. 

After a wonderful trip to Sabarimalai we came back yesterday night...  and today morning I wanted to refer a text regarding Dakshina Kaali.... So I went to my library and took the book.  The book was "Dashamaha Vidya" - which completely deals on mantras of the Ten Forms of Devi... and no way related to Sastha.... 

But when I opened the book, I found the place where it was written :
"சாஸ்தாவின் திட்டம் பலித்தது" "Sasthaavin Thittam Balithathu"

The Plan of Sastha - prevailed

My Bhaktaparipala have planned every action that happens next and every molecule in check and under control.
Fortunate to be a slave to the ever compassionate master !!! 

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