Friday, June 10, 2011

Mantra japam during lunar eclipse

The 1st and total Chandra Grahanam - lunar eclipse will be visible on Wednesday 15th June 2011 on Jyeshtha Nakshatram - Poornima day will start at midnight 11.52 PM and will continue till 3.32 AM in the morning of 16th June 2011. It will be visible in India.

Grahanam is actually a punya Kaala and the efficacy of any Japam done during the GrahaNa period gets enhanced infinitely. It is a practice that people having mantra japam go to the river and perform the Japam.

Also another interesting fact is that Grahanam is the best time for any mantra upadesham irrespective of thithi, vaara, nakshatra etc etc. Receiving mantropadesham during the times of the eclipse could obtain the fruits early.

People may also do the japa purascharanam for mantrasiddhi during Grahana Kaalam. The reason for this is that any japam done in this period is a hundred times more effective than one done ordinarily. Chanting a Mantra just once during a lunar eclipse proves as powerful as chanting the same Mantra a hundred times in ordinary conditions.

The time of a lunar eclipse is very auspicious in doing japam of ones ishta devata and one gets linked subtly to the heavenly body and achieve amazing level of success. People with Gayatri mantra upadesham can very well chant Gayatri mantra. The right time is most important in life and by making proper use of these moments one can throw open the doors to success in one's life.

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