Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japa at Night

Japa at Night

Can we do japam during nights? becoz some people say only day time is suitable for japam and there wont be any result if we do japam during night? some others say night is suitable only for evil spirits? 
According to me I name all these theories with one nine lettered word

One can very well do the japam throughout the day.. A person shall do the Japa not only at night but all the time -  unless when you are not breathing.. So all times are suitable for Japam

This doesnt mean that one need not follow any achaara or shuddi etc... Thats a different subject.

One must follow nityaachaaram and complete atleast a minimum count of all his nitya karmas and japams and then comtemplating the japam in the mind throughout the day shall happen.

Japam is of three types 

Vachika - loud recitation - effective
Upamshu - soft recitation - more effective
Manasikam - within the mind - most effective. 

Whether one is physically clean or not, or is walking, talking, eating, sleeping, a true devotee should never stop reciting the bhagawan naama and an upasaka his ishta devata's mUla mantra. 

But Shuddi and achaara has to be maintained for the first two types of japam. These rules do not apply for mAnasika japa, the superior among the three. 

Please Note, This is done only mentally and not even a single letter is uttered openly... Ive met people of both extremes.... Not even uttering the name of the upasana devata loudly and also people who chant out moola mantrams loudly sitting on bed(just to show off)

Apart from all these... the sastra itself prescribes chanting of certain moola mantrams during night... 

One classical example is Varahi... "Diva Na Smaret Vaartaaliim" - do not remember varaahi during the day...
Devatas like Ucchishta Ganapaty, Pulindini, VanadurgA, Kiratha Sastha etc. can be chanted during the night.. 

And for a true upasaka there is nothing called "No Result" 

The sole purpose of japam is to remove the mental attachment towards "Result" and turn it towards the ultimate truth.

Shri Maha Sasthre Namah

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  1. Thanks for the elucidation , I had received upadesha of a mantra and after one year I cannot live without it , but there was some doubts prevailing in my mind whether to chant it evry time or not. After one year , now I think I chant it even when I am asleep. After seeking some consultations with acharyas I was in confused state, some say it can be practiced and some say its not and there would be serious consequences. But I continued and surrendered to god by saying I do not understand the sukshma of various shasthra and pardon me if I am doing anything wrong. And nothing wrong happened instead now I can understand sookshma vichara of scriptures which I was not able to understand before. And reading ur blog hasjust increased my confidence and I would continue with that.