Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lalithayin Kathai (New Edition)

Lalithayin Kathai (New Edition)

Lalitopakhyana of Brahmanda Purana describes the greatness of Lalithambika. This story was given by Lord Hayagriva to sage Agastya.

The story of Lalithambika is brought in Tamil as " Shri Lalithayin Kathai " , for the devotees of Lalithambika who are are interested in learning the divine mother's story but do not understand Sanskrit.

This book discusses precisely the story of Lalitha, with Shri Lalitha Sahasranamam as the base.

The first edition was released in 2009 and all the copies were sold within a span of 7-8 months... Though te responses from the devotees and upasakas encouraged us to bring out the second edition of the book, for some reason I was hesitating and now as per the Divine will - we've brought the next edition with few additions.

This was released during the Lalitha Trisati Sandarpana Maha Yagam at Chennai on 05-07-2011

Worshipful Acharyas of Kanchi and Shringeri has blessed the book with their Blessing Note.

Contemplating on the divine leelas of devi, gives one the taste of divine nectar itself .

Most of the copies we sold during the Lalitha Maha Yagam itself and we have only few copies left... Interested devotees may avail this opportunity and obtain the divine grace of Shri Matha.

A copy of Shri Puram - Devi's lokam is enclosed with the book

The cost of the book is Rs.100/-

Those who need a copy may contact:
V. Aravind, 94 B, Third Street, Tatabad, Coimbatore 12
Ph: 99946 41801 Email: aravindsai at gmail dot com

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