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Pranaams Anna

First of all, i would like to thanks for the great info sharing in Sanatana Dharma.i'm great fan of your blog.

what are your views on Namasankeerthana ?

Hope Iam not wasting your time
Why specifically about Namasankeerthana???

Many people have made up an opinion or they themselves have come to a conclusion about me that I have lesser interest in Naamasankeerthanam

Moksha is the ultimate goal of one's life and bhakti is a major lap in this.... and Shravanam and Keerthanam are important among the nava vidha bhakti

shravaNaM kIrtanaM viShNoH smaraNaM pAdasevanam |
archanaM vandanaM dAsyaM sakhyamAtmanivedanam ||

It is not the problem with the divine system called Naamasankeerthanam but the problem with human tendency involved in the divine system.
Iam very much uncomfortable with few practices that is being followed in the name of Bhajana Sampradhayam today.

The Dakshina Bharata Bhajana Sampradaya was formulated by the three Gurus Sri Bodhedral, Sri Sridhara  Ayyaval and Sri Sadguru Swamigal. An interesting point to be noted that all the Three are strong advaitis belonging to Shankara Sampradaya.

All the three acharyas used this bhajana sampradhaya as an easiest way for the public to attain this advaithic Gnanam(wisdom)... It is a marga - no doubt about that... But that doest mean one must leave his nitya karmas(bounden duties - both spiritual and family duties) and sing bajan

Non-performance of nitya karmas and duties in the name of bhajana is like performing Sahasrabojanam while your own mother is starving in the house.

Another main point is dancing in public...
Vishnor Gaanamcha Nruthamcha Natanamcha Visheshathaha
Singing and dancing to the praise of the lord Vishnu is prescribed...
So singing and dancing to the glory of the Lord by those who are in bhajana sampradhayam and doing deepa pradakshinam by way of dancing by bhagawathas is accepted...

Dancing out of ecstasy is a very noble state... but 90% of the people who jump for abhangs- dance for other's sake and for music and not by enjoying the meaning or enjoying the Lord.

And please understand Naamasankeerthana cannot directly grant you moksha... It will give the chitta shuddhi -which will further lead one to Moksha through spiritual advancement. So one must start enjoying the Lord by means of bhajanai - this habit should be enhanced by Naamasankeerthanam.

The main purpose of bhajanai is the momentary bliss you get... This comes very rarely - when you hear Prabho Ganapathe by Hairdhos Giri - you can literally feel Ganapathy Dancing in front of you... and on hearing Nrusimha Karavalambam by Balu Mama you will automatically understand how helpless you are and how the Lord Narahari is ever-ready to save you... "Adhwaitha Vasthuvai..." by Chellappa Mama makes you feel that you are right in front of Lord Ayyappan Himself...

Thus bhajanai helps in developing bhakti...   For developing this bhakti it doesnt require a star singer or number of musical instruments and pompous stage decoration and all of that sort... Once I heard a beggar in Anchaneya's disguise who came singing with a single thambura... by the merely listening to the his "Raama Bhadra Raa Raa", it took us to saketapuri....This is real Naamasankeerthanam

When this purpose is achieved at bhajanai hall, temple, your house, on road- that very moment is Naamasankeerthanam.

Kaalakshepo Na Karthavyaha Ksheenam Aayuhu Kashane Kashane
Yamasya Karunaa Naasthi Karthavyam Harikeerthanam

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