Monday, June 28, 2010

Guru Dakshina during Sabari Yatra

Dear Gurugaru,

We read about the Guru dhakshina in your article.
What is the procedure for Gurudakshina in sabarimala ?

Each and everytime we put down our Iramudi we need to pay Guru dakshina to guruswami. Is this right?

Rammohan Swami

The whole concept of Sabarimala revolves round Guru - without him no yatra gets fulfilled.

Here talking about the qualifications of a Guruswamy will lead to a spearate topic; so Iam just giving the details regarding Guru dakshina.

The Guruswamy takes you to the Lord; He is leading you towards the Lord. So in order to show your graditude towards him we need to pay Guru Dakshina to the Swami and do namaskaram to him.

Now we see many so called Guruswamys threatening the sishyas not to remove the Irumudi from the head wihtout him(Guruswamy) and demand dakshina for each time. This is not right.

This is what Iam taught by the elders. A sishya has to pay respects to his Guruswamy and pay him Guru dakshina 8 times during the sabarimala yatra.

1. The first time when the Guru formally accepts him for the sabarimala yatra
2. While wearing the Maala
3. While taking the irumudi - Kettu Nerai
4. At Erumeli after the darshanam while starting the yatra
5. At Azhudha river
6. At Pampa after the snanam and while starting
7. At sannidhanam after the abhishekam
8. While removing the maala

It is the duty of every Ayyappa bhaktha to follow all these rules strictly and earn the grace of Guruswamy and thereby get the blessings of Guruswamy's Guruswamy(Lord Ayyappa)

Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa

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