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Monday, June 14, 2010

Shatru Samhara Subramanya Trishati

I have got a book of Shatru Samhara Subramanya Trishati given along with the magazine ................... 

What is the procedure for doing this Shatru Samhara Subramanya Trishati Archana ? 

This Subrahmanya Trishati is one of the important text of the Kaumara sect.  This Trishati is a  secret prayoga and destroys one's enemies. The skandArchana kalpadrUma and other kaumAra texts refer to this secret method. 

Subrahmanya Upasana is an important upasana which has to be handled carefully because it can directly influence the Swadhishthana Chakra. The most required quality is Vairagya.

So the methodology and usage of of this Trishati is taught only to a very few deserving upasakas and not to all. 

Unlike other Trishati Stotra or Namavali, this one is more of a prayoga and one has to be very very careful in handling this. This is mainly used only as an Archana by Subrahmanya Upasakas

This Trishati is also known an "Shiva Subramanya Trishati" because the names are divided into six groups with the Shadakshari mantra coupled into six mantras depicting the Six faces of Parameshwara(Sadyojatati.. etc)

And not every one can chant this mantra. The basic requirement to handle this Trishati is - getting the upadesham of Subrahmanya Shadakshari Mahamantram.

Subramanya is meditated that He is of red color with six heads and 12 arms, and embraces the goddess ShaShTi who is seated on his lap

And this is one of the most powerful prayoga ie by doing archana with this Trishati ones enemies gets lost forever. But this Kamya Prayoga is always a sharp knife to handle. It may backfire any moment. 

And one has to satisfy all the conditions given below to have the desired result 100%

  • Ladies are strictly not allowed to chant this Trishati as they may not be able to sustain some of its effects.
  • The first and the second varnas are alone eligible to handle this trishati.

    • One has to complete 6 lakh Purashcharana of Subrahmanya Moola Mantra.
    • Proper Sandyopasana  has to be carried out 
    • Ahara niyamam and other anushtanas has to be followed stricly.
    • He has to follow strict Brahmacharya for Three days before starting the process.
    • On the day of worship one has to complete Sahasra Gayatri japam (1008) times and then start worshipping Subramanya with this Trishati. 
    • The puja is concluded with Ksheera (milk) arghyas three tims to the Lord. 

      • The next day of the puja, the Lord will still be in Ugra and He has to be calmed down with Panchamrita Abhisheka

      The best advice is to start this practice after receiving proper permission and blessing from one's Guru who has given the Subramanya Mantra upadesham.

      Remember... this Trishati when recited it without following the proper rules not only affects the upasaka but also his Guru

      Iam totally shocked to see this text given as a free supplement to a spiritual magazine (and with full of mistakes) 

      Even for a person who satisfies all the above rules, the text warns that he has to definitely undergo heat and burning sensation in the body because of its intense energy.  Iam really worried what will be the result and suffering a layman will be experiencing when he follows it blindly.

      May Lord Gnanapanditha gives us the wisdom to earn His grace and worship him properly.

      Subramanyom Subramanyom Subramanyom


      1. Dear Aravind,

        Thanks very useful.


      2. Namaskaram, the information given is very useful,Can we hear /listen the audio of this satru samhara subramanya trishati , whata are all the shanthi mantras for this.


      3. Subhamasthu

        so nice to hear all about this
        What is the alternative to follow this
        kindly guide us

      4. Thanks for the message that Subramanya should be worshipped with Shasti Devi for Trisathi.