Friday, July 23, 2010

List of Veteran Guruswamys of Yesteryears

The following is the List of Great and Veteran Guruswamis who undertook the Sabarimala Yatra Since a long time (some 50- 60 years ago) and who lived as a Guiding Light to the clan of Devotees.

My Namaskarams to all these great men who have attained the heights in their spiritual experience and who have lived in all the ages.

Note : Iam presenting the photographs of the Guruswamis which are available. In case if you have any additional information or better photographs please do mail me( so that we can add it immediately

Swamy Sharanam
V.Aravind Subramanyam
Salutaions to all Guruswamis !!!
  • Parvatheepuram Venkateswara Iyer
  • Alapuzha Kameswara Iyer
  • Perumbaavoor Kasthuri Ranga Iyer
  • Ambalapuzha Ragava Iyer
  • Thazhava Krishna Iyer
  • Kayankulam Krishna Iyer
  • Karunagapalli Harihara Iyer
  • Mukathalai Krishna Iyer
  • Kidankoor Rama Iyer
  • Kidankoor Venkateswara Iyer
  • (Trivandrum) Puthentheru Harihara Iyer
  • Trivandrum Anantharama Iyer
  • Paravoor Lakshmi Narayana Iyer (Kambankudi)
  • Paravoor Shankaralinga Iyer (Kambankudi)
  • Kanyakumari Sesha Iyer
  • Kollam Krishna Iyer
  • Kulathu Iyer (Kambankudi)
  • Azhwarkurichi Subramanya Iyer
  • Punaloor Subramanya Iyer (Punaloor Thatha)
Punaloor Subramanya Iyer (Punaloor Thatha)
  • Suseendram Subramanya Iyer
  • Sundaram Kulathu Iyer (Kambankudi)
Kambankudi Sundaram Kulathu Iyer

  • Tharakadu Rama Iyer
Tharakadu Rama Iyer
  • Kottayam Subramanya Iyer
  • Chidambaram Krishna Moorthi Iyer (Prabhu)
Chidambaram Krishnamoorthi Iyer (Prabhu)

  • Senkottai Shankara Iyer
  • Kottarakara Harihara Iyer
Kottarakara Harihara Iyer

  • Trivandrum V Neelakanta Iyer
Neelakanda Iyer

  • CV Srinivasa Iyer (Chaami Anna)
Kalpathy CV Srinivasa Iyer (Chaami Anna)

  • CV Krishna Iyer 
Kalpathy CV Krishna Iyer
  • Perumpavoor Harihara Iyer
  • Kambankudi Sundaram Iyer
Kambankudi Sundaram Iyer

  • Kambankudi Harihara Iyer
Kambankudi Harihara Iyer

  • KS Narayana Iyer (Kambankudi) (Periyaswamy)
Kambankudi KS Narayana Iyer (Periyaswamy)

  • KS Harihara Iyer (Kambankudi)
Kambankudi KS Harihara Iyer
  • S Meenakshi Sundaram Iyer (Kambankudi)

S Meenakshi Sundaram Iyer (Kambankudi)

Rajapalayam Harihara Iyer
Palai Baskara Iyer
Thiruppugazh Pappa


  1. Though not blessed to be with these Gurus, at least I could have a photo dharshan through you. Thanks Aravind..

  2. Swami Sarnam,

    Thanks, You are doing very great job. Very useful information to new generation.

    May lord Dharma sastha bless you with more spiritual knowledge so that you will continue the great service to sabarimala devotees.


  3. BIT Subramanian.July 26, 2010 at 9:35 PM

    Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa.

    Dear Aravinda Subramanian.

    I am extremely moved by the above article named Vellichapadu & senior Guruswamies. By the grace of God & the blessings of my Guruswamy Shree Thirupughazha Papa mama Of Bombay , I had an oppurtunity of being with & gettings the blessings of Shri Neelakanta Iyer,Palai Bhaskaran, Kambangudi Guruswamies,Thrisur Rajagopalan Anna Guruswamy,Doraiswamy anna of Bombay, GIri Guruswamy, chidambara Vadhyar, Shree Ananatharama Iyer( Indian bank BOMBAY & Shree K.Subramanian.alias Docha mama(the founder of Shree Hariharaputra Bhajan Samaj & man responsible for starting the Sabarimalai pilgrimage with Kettunirai at Bombay Bhajan Samaj in 1966.

    I will be grateful to you if you add Shree Thirupughazha Papa mama Who was the pioneer in inculcating Bhakthi & ayyappa cult in Bombay with his Thirupughazh & 18 slokas & deciplined way of having austerities.

    I once again thank you for bringing old memories of these Great Guruswamies.

    With regards
    BIT Subramanian.

  4. Dear Aravind
    it is not that i know quite a bit, but there are some names i thought that could also figure in the list like Vichakutty mama, and my own periappa T S Parameswaran who was also involved with Chamy anna in the Panguni Uthiram sasthapreethy at Sabarimala in yester years. Regards

  5. Thank you very much for the update of these great guru's. I am happy to see my guru Thiru Neelakanta gurunathar photo in this website. God bless you all.

  6. Thanx for posting my grandfather Punalur Thatha on the net.He was great baktha of the Lord and lead asimple life serving the Ayyappa bakthas who came to his residence on their way to Sabarimala ably assisted by his daughter in law and son-My Mama &Mami- We are all living a contended life due to his blessings and good karmas