Thursday, July 22, 2010

Velichappads of Shabarimala Temple - Part 3

Pulikkal Matam Kottarakara Bramma Sree Harihara Iyer 

After Anantakrishna Iyer came the illustrious Kottarakara Harihara Iyer. Kottarakara Harihara Iyer was a pioneer in Sabarimala Yatra and was a true friend to all sincere devotees.

He had a thorough knowledge of the Puja Kalpam and was a master in doing the systematic puja and worship to Lord Hariharaputra. He never bothred about the Guru Dakshina given by the disciples. He used the entire sum for doing annadhanam during the sabari yatra.

He was a strict disciplinarian and followed it with utmost sincerity and also made sure that all his sishyas follow it with same discipline.

Once a disciple wanted to treck sabarimala with Harihara Iyer. Iyer asked the disciple to get the permission from his parents. The parents were quite hestitant in sending their only son to the difficult yatra. The son kept on persisting for 4-5 days and finally convinced his parents and got their permission. Immediately he rushed to Harihara Iyer for wearing the Mudra mala.. But because of the 4-5 days delay he had in his native place, he had only 46 days left for the Sabarimala Yatra.

Harihara Iyer politely refused saying,
"Dear Child! you dont have enough number of days for observing the vrutham for a complete Mandala Kaalam(48 Days). Dont worry...  Let us see next year"

Those days sabari yatra was entirely through the thick forest. Wild animals, rain, flood etc could easily attack and trouble the devotees. Because of his upasana, Harihara Iyer could easily predict the hazards that are going to happen during the yatra and warned the devotees and saved them from the hardships.

Similar to Kalarkadu Appu Iyer, few group of devotees doubted the Trance mood of Harihara Iyer. They decided to test Harihara Iyer by putting an iron chain (Changili) inside the fire (Aazhi) at Pampa and place the red hot iron chain in a place where Harihara iyer would walk.

At Pampa the regular pujas were going on and Harihara Iyer got into trance. As the aazhi blazed and tongues of flames went  higher, he casually went to the Fire Aazhi and sat inside the fire. He took the red hot iron chain and wore it as if its a Garland. He started giving prasadam sitting on the Aazhi fire.

Everyone who witnessed the incident stood spellbound and cursed themselves for doubting this great soul and begged his pardon.

The disciples of Kottarakara Harihara Iyer later became very great Guruswamys and were the beckon light to the clan of devotees. Among the Trinities of Sabarimala ie Punalur Shri Subramanya Iyer, Trivandrum Shri Neelakanda Iyer and Kambankudi Shri Meenakshi Sundaram Iyer, the latter two were the disciples of Harihara Iyer.

Pulikkal Matam Kottarakara Bramma Sree Harihara Iyer occupied the post of Veliya Velichappad for a very long span and merged in Him in 1944.

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