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Velichappads of Shabarimala Temple - Part 4

Palai Baskara Iyer 

Palai Baskara Iyer was a true guide and helper to all the devotees. He had a lovely physique, fair complexion, graceful look and the Bramma Thejas which will attract even the person who is against him 

After Harihara Iyer, many tried for the Sabarimala Velichappad position and no one knew the Lord's will that who will be the next Velichappad. For this reason many consider Harihara Iyer as the Last Official Velichappad of Sabarimala. But Palai Baskara Iyer who occupied the post is not a person to be ignored.

As mentioned above, after several confusions, during one Makara Sankramana a certain group at Sabarimala decided to "choose" the next Velichappad. The person they had chosen was stading right in front of the Srikovil. After the evening deeparadhana a person posed as if getting into trance and took the haram from the Lord's neck the and came running. But who can play with Sathya swaroopi Bhagawan? He slipped near the srikovil entrance and his head got hit at the upper portion of the Srikovil door and he fainted immediately. Now a shanthikaran who was inside the Srikovil got the supreme power within him and instantly took the haram and came out running and he threw the garland and it went to Palai Shri Baskara Iyer who was at that time doing his Gayatri Japam. Thus Palai Baskara Iyer was opted to be the next Velichappad of Sabarimala Temple. 

Baskara Iyer had yet another speciality - the Mudra Vadi he had was the Lord's. During the disastrous fire accident in 1952 at Sabarimalai, everything was burnt to ashes including the Srikovil. The Moola Vigraham of Ayyappan ( made of Krishna Shila)  was broken into pieces. The Only thing remained was the Mudra Vadi which was kept along with the Lord's Vigraham. When Baskara Iyer went to Sabarimalai temple for seeing the temple, the melshanthi who was there took the Mudravadi and gave it to him.

People still recollect the glorious scene of Palai Baskara Iyer getting into trance at Sabari Peetam while receiving the Tiruvabaranam. He use to run along with the Trivabaranam entirely in Trance Mood right from Sabari Peetam to Sannidhanam rotating his mudravadi and looking upward towards the sky... When he enters the Padinettampadi, accompanied by the Thiruvabharanam and he will be given a karpura  Harathi and received to the Sannidhanam.

It was an experience to watch Baskara Iyer in Trance.. And all what he says is total SATYAM and defying his instructions can only result in a problem.

There are numerous examples that can be quoted explaining the marvels of Palai Shri Baskara Iyer. And still we have thousands of people who were lucky enough who had the opportunity of meeting and getting the blessings of this great soul. 
Palai Baskara Iyer and Shri CV Srinivasa Iyer (Chaami Anna)
at Sabarimala Sannidhanam - a photograph from yester years
if Iam right its Pankuni Uthram (March) 1973

He was a very good friend of My Grandfather( Shri Chami Anna) and was a frequent visitor to our house at Kalpathy. Baskara Iyer used to accompany Chaami Anna during his Pankuni Uthra Poojas at Sannidhanam.

After serving the Lord and the devotees for many years Palai Baskara Iyer reached his divine abode during the late 80s. When his mortal remains were cremated, the next day there was a very big flood at Palai. His relatives worried about the sanchayanam (which needed the remains of the cremated body) because the crematorium was surrounded by water upto the hip. As soon as they reached the spot where he was cremated, instanteously a portion of it sprang out along with some fire and started floating on the water. The Lord proved his greatness even after his demise.

After Palai Baskara Iyer, there was (or rather there is) actually a fight for the status of Velichappad in Sabarimalai amongst the Tamil Brahmins. People considered that this status was reserved solely for the Tamil Brahmins only. Many tried in many ways, but could not succeed.  There are persons who claim to be the disciple of Palai Baskara Iyer and having his mudra vadi and Tamil Brahmin origin etc (But the reality is, the person who is claiming it today he has not even seen Baskara Iyer and definitely not a Tamil Brahmin). 

After Palai Baskara Iyer there is no Velichappad in Sabarimalai except that some pose themselves as Velichappads and act in such manner.

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  1. Very nice to see a photo of Palai Baskara Iyer. He used to visit our house in Blore and was a close friend of my grandfather. I completely agree with your descriptions of him. He had given my grandfather a Mudra Vadi (not his though) but one that he had placed at the sanithanam itself. I used to do puja to the Mudra Vadi but we have handed it over to another Guruswami after my grandfathers demise.