Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A very very important prayer to Ask

This is one of the important slokas from my daily prayers.

After hearing the sudden demise of Shri. Surya Narayanan (Chellappa Mama), I just thought of this wonderful sloka and felt like sharing with other devotees..

This is a supreme prayer each bhakta has to chant daily..... 

anAyAsena sAyujyam vinA dainyena jIvanam |
dehi me krupayA SAstA tvayi bhaktimacancalAm ||

A painless liberation, a life devoid of misery - please grant these my Lord Sastha ! and also give me an unwavering devotion towards you..

Whom to ask ? - dehi me krupayA SAstA 

Each one may pray to his ishta devata; But I pray only to one devata my dearest Sastha; Each of us pray to our only refuge -  Lord Sastha - One who can liberate us from this cycle of birth and death. 

dehi me krupayA SAstA  - Oh Sastha ! take pity in me and please grant me the following

anAyAsena sAyujyam 

Oh Lord ! please give be an instant - painless exit; In this slokam many chant it as "anayAsena maranam" - but maranam is mere death; we chant it as "anAyAsena sAyujyam" - sAyujyam is reaching the Lord's abode..

Death is a painful process. Sastras compare this pain to 1000 scorpions biting at the same time.  But for good souls, the exit route is simple and painless. 

For Ordinary people, the Yama kinkaras come and forcibly carry him away...  For a noble soul, the ganas of his Ishta Devata come and requests the person politely that the vehicle for the last journey is ready and he may start. 

So ask for anAyAsena sAyujyam - A painless exit

vinA dainyena jIvanam

In todays mundane world every person is suffering but no one is ready to even pity for others... 

No one is ready to take care of even his parents.... Just imagine the plight when a person is totally dependent on others.. thats the most pitiable situation.... 

Not even suffering for a single day in death bed; Living with satisfaction and leaving with satisfaction.

So ask for 
anAyAsena sAyujyam vinA dainyena jIvanam - A painless exit and a life devoid of misery

tvayi bhaktimacancalAm

All these prayers are possible if the mind is fixed on GOD at the last moment. But is it possible for us to think Him during the last moment? You dont have any short cut for that.  

Only if you pray to him from now, you may get the inclination to think Him during the last moment. The last moments are so painful unless we practice calling him now. We may not even remember GOD at the last moment. 

So ask for bhaktimacancalAm an unwavering devotion towards the Lord

Therefore, let us ask him to give us the strength and faith to remember / think of HIM always and especially towards the end.

anAyAsena sAyujyam vinA dainyena jIvanam |
dehi me krupayA SAstA tvayi bhaktimacancalAm ||


  1. Swami Saranam,

    Thank you very much for your great new slogam, I shared with my father inlaw who is 86years staying with me almost 14years (After 6 months of marriage) since he dont have son. Infact last right of my motherinlaw performed by me. He is very happy to know this slogam and he requested me to thank specially on behalf of him. We will add above slogam from tomorrow along with our usual prayer slogams.

    Very nice of you. Iam very much proud to have your contact. Great Salute to you.

    May sastha give you everything you dream in your life.


  2. ya this is realy important prayer... thank you . saastha bless you