Monday, January 24, 2011

On Makarajyothi

After the Tragic incident in Pulmedu on January 14, the controversy over makarajyothi has been kindled.  Some describe only the star is of primary importance, some others consider both the star and the light and there is yet another group which says everything is mere coincidence. The atheists and the so-called rationalists are utilizing the opportunity to hurt the faith of the believers.

The Kerala High Court wanted to know on Thursday whether or not the ‘Makarajyothi' is a man-made one ? Adding a new dimension, right from the Cheif Minister everyone is passing their own comments on the iise

Now, along with all this - Tantri of Sabarimala temple Maheshwararu has said "Makarajyothi is the celestial star Siries and Makara villakku a symbolic deeparadhana (aarthi) lit at Ponnamabelamedu, "There is a deliberate attempt to create a controversy by stating that 'makara vilakku' is being lit by some people in the forest," he said.

Generations after Generations we are associated to the Sabarimala Temple... And what I have learnt from my Great Grand Father's (Chaami Anna) life is simple - Faith Begins Where Reasoning Ends

The belief in "Our" Lord  is beyond jyoti or star or Garuda or anything.

Many people have asked me same question and asking me the same question and everybody wants to know whether its man made or natural....

The Contoversy about Makara Jothi - let me make one point clear... we are not going there to watch any magic show there

Dear devotees... let us be clear... The term makaravilakku is ancient. But it has nothing to do with lighting a Vilakku (Lamp) .. Vilakku in Kerala means festival of that particular temple and since Sabarimala's festival happens on Makara masam its called Makara Vilakku. Makara Vilakku is Five days festival starting from the festival on the day of makarasamkramam with flag-hoisting, including Tiruvabaranam, the procession from Malikappuram,  etc and end on the sixth with guruthi.

The Garuda which flies over the procession from Pandalam is a tangible proof for the divinity.... and You cant make a specific star appear on the sky on a specific time...

Makarajyothi, whether it is man-made or not, has found a divine religious niche in the minds of every Ayyappa devotee. The Ponnambalamedu, is the most divine spot where the ancient Sastha shrine stood.

The belief in Ayyappa is beyond jyoti or celestial star appearing over Horizon

Whether or not the Jothi is man-made, devotees are sure to throng the holy shrine merely due to the divine experience that the penance and the hardships in reaching the temple give to the devotees after hours of trekking through dense forests. 

My simple answer is you believe what you want to believe... thats all

Please answer my query... where is God ? Just imagine this - You walk over a on a particular stone which lies in front of your house... One Fine morning a sculptor notices it ans carves out a beautiful Ganapati idol in it. Now the Ganapati is installed in the nearby temple and everyone - including you will start worshiping it. The same stone in which you placed your foot daily is now bathed with milk and honey....

Now where is God ? In the stone or In your belief ? When you saw a mere stone you walked over it.. when you see God inside even you are standing it queue to offer your worship...

When millions and millions crave for the Jothi and amonst the million Sharana Goshams even if a single Sharanam is true, the Lord WILL MANIFEST IN JOTHI SWAROOPAM

All these learned men are now making a futile attempt of shaking the unwavering faith of millions of devotees.

As a mere slave of Sastha who has visited Sabari Hills for years now, I have seen and experienced my Master.... Even this is his divine leela...

There can be people for whom the faith comes only if there is some miracle. Upon them these "news items" may have an impact..  The husks may fly away this time....

Sathya Swaroopane Sharanam Ayyappa !!!


  1. very rightly put & my doubt cleard .
    indeed kaliyugathil prathyaksha daivamee sharanam ayyappa