Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Padhinettam Padi

The sacred 18 steps leading to the sanctum of Ayyappa... 

Satya Swaroopa Padinettampadi - the one which can be climbed only with proper vrutham was originally made of Granite Stone of 5 to 6 feet wide... People were breaking coconuts on the steps 

Now it is covered with Panchaloka in the year 1985. 

I think it is the only existing oldest divine structure is Sabarimala.. Yes.... 

The Old Basmakulam has been shifted...
The Nagaraja, Navagraha Sannidhis are brand new...
The Manimandapam in not at all used...
The Everything including the holy sanctum sanctorum of Sabarimala was burnt to ashes in the 1950s and
The Stone idol of Ayyappan has been changed to Panchalokam

The Holy Padhinettam Padi Today :

And see the Padinettam Padi of Yester Years

Shri CV Srinivasa Iyer (Chami Anna) Walking down
the holy 18 steps - old stone steps before
covering it with Panchaloka
I personally feel that the natural beauty of Padhinettam Padi is lost with the new pomp and splendor...
The serene beauty and solitude of Sabarimala is lost forever - in the name of "so called" modernization and infrastructure development.

Padhinettam Padikkudaya Nadhane Sharanam Ayyappa !!!


  1. very true, i cant agree on a thing more than what i do now.. sad that in the name of facilities we are not going through the whole tradition and also cause harm to animals :(((

  2. saranam ayyappa
    this was the only photo i have seen ever am very much thankful to sanathana dharma.am going to sabarimala since 1991 and i have not seen holy steps without covering,my guru swamies used to praise the holy steps always ,ithought no body has taken the photograph of stone holy 18 steps.thanks to sree ayyappa who as given chance to seen this rare photo,am shreing this photo in my facebook page name AYYAPPAMALA.