Thursday, January 27, 2011

Staying Inside a temple

I heard in Tiruchendur temple that comman people should not be inside sannidhanam of any temple, while being closed at the end of the day, otherwise he has to stay the entire night inside the temple.
Is it so? Can you explain? Any mythological reason ? 


It is not a question of common man or super man - no man should stay inside any temple when it is closed... 

And once the temple is locked one should not open it again till the next day morning

A temple is filled with divine forces and the Ganas actually take charge of the temple and they actually move about in the temple once it is closed... So any person if he is inside the temple may have to earn the wrath of these Ganas.

This is the reason no person is allowed to stay inside the temple once it is closed... 

There are certain rules to be followed while worshipping in the temple.. iam not elaborating much - but while entering the temple during the time of opening.. one cannot just like that dash in - one has to wait till the Archaka opens the door, he has to go inside and light the lamp and only after that one can have the glimpse of the Lord (because till this the temple is guarded by the guardian deities)

But there is a rule that one has to stay overnight in a kshetra - ie not inside the temple but in the city or village- to be precise - somewhere near the temple and have the Vishwaroopa Darshanam, the next day morning....

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