Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sabarimala - Are Sabarimala Rules Made to be Broken? :

The accident at sabarimala is indeed a very great shock to the devotees and to all those who believe in God.. The rush is becoming very very unruly in sabarimala and its heartbreaking to see the behavior of the people.

Iam not going to comment regarding the reason, Kaarana or Kaarya of the tragic incident... but its high time that devotees must make some serious decisions.

  • Sabarimala is NOT yet another temple to visit.
  • All people who can understand the real thatwa of Sabarimala alone please venture into wearing a maala
  • Please understand that every other person at Sabarimala is "Ayyappan" you just cant push him down and no way you can earn the grace of the Lord.....
  • There are may intricate procedures to be followed while starting to Sabarimala Yatra, (like praying to Guardian deities after the Kettunera etc) by doing which this tragic incident would have been avoided

It is the duty of the Guruswamys to guide his disciples...

The Guruswamys who has made Sabarimala as a money making project are to be blamed.... The Guruswamys who bring these unruly people and putting them and also other sincere devotees into trouble are to get the entire amount of the sin which they do during the Sabari Yatra.

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