Friday, November 11, 2011

Sabarimala Yatra begins

Mandala Kaalam is fast approaching and on an average Iam receiving atleast 6-7 mails daily - asking for doubts... Can I do this that, Can I watch TV? Can my wife/mother eat non vegetarian...etc etc

I have already made a detailed note last year... For new members, please read it here

I always insist on one Golden Rule and my favorite rule - "Guru Vaakyam Pramaanam" - Guru's words are Final. But few senior Guruswamys complained me regarding the behavior of today's Guruswamys and asked me to explicitly warn - regarding the quality of Guruswamys...

Being a Guruswamy - Its already a profession to many people...So please see the anushtanam, good behavior and most important - discipline - a person having all these three is fit to be a Guru. (You may be surprised to see that devotion is not in the list - A person with true devotion automatically gets all these three qualities)

And please give due respect to the Maala you are wearing... Physical and mental cleanliness is absolutely necessary.. Try to be really sincere to the maximum extend and follow the practices strictly. Wearing slippers, using leather belts, (you may have your own reasons for justifying all these... But everything said and done it will definitely affect the sannidhyam - divinity of the Vrutham)

All that corrupts you mind - can be avoided.. (Please try avoid watching TV. Today's Kalipurushan stays in the form of Television. If you avoid seeing unnecessary programs and serials... I can promise, you'l definitely enjoy a very good experience both during the vrutham and during the dharshanam)

Make it a discipline that you go to the temple regularly.. Taking bath twice a day, doing atleast a simple puja and calling out Sharanams is part of the daily routine. People who are having Upanayanam - make it a strict practice that you do sandhya vandhanam and Gayatri Japam regularly - both in the morning and evening. Even if you are unable to go to a temple - its ok. Ayyappan will be happy seeing you doing your given duty (sandhya) But without Sandhyavandanam whatever you do - is a waste.

Doing Annadhanam is a very big Kainkaryam... But donot waste food in the name of Annadhanam... We see tons and tons of food being wasted at Sannidhanam, Pampa and Veliyanavattam - in the name of annadhanam. Annam Brahma - Please dont waste it.

If you see any devotee smoking or drinking within the Poonkavanam - you have all right to question him. Object this and ask him to stop - make him understand that he is not only committing a sin but also creating hazard to the other devotees.

Just by calling everyone as "Swami"- nothing is going to happen. Understand the reality that everyone is Ayyappan. The Lord resides inside each and every devotee. So donot PUSH or cause trouble to even a single devotee. Just because of this unruly behaviour and the pushing- the tragic accident at Pulmedu occured last year.

As usual please avoid using plastic at sabarimala and let us make Sabarimala clean and green.... Thats a very big offering to Ayyappan than doing any other puja.


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