Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sri Sastha Koti Archana at Banglore

Last week I was at Banglore to attend a glorious Sastha Preethi by the Kambankudi family at Seetharam Mandhir. After the event, Shri.(Kambankudi)Hari and Santosh invited me for a Koti Archana to Lord Sastha. While we have performed and witnessed several homas, navavarana pujas, laksharchas etc for Sastha,  Iam hearing Koti archana after a very long time and so and my curiosity peaked.  And so when they requested me to attend, I accepted without arguments.

Lord Hariharaputra is Avyaja Karunyamurthy, and even if a single flower is offered to Him, he bestows His boundless grace in return. 

And if this is chanted 1 CRORE number of times, what will be the vaibhavam of the Lord ? 

I could literally experience the radiance emanating from the Lord at the entire premises. This is happening at the residence of Sri B S Kesavan residing at “ROHINI” 17/61 9th cross, 1st main, CT Bed, Banashankari III stage, Katriguppe, Bangalore 560085 . He had made a Sankalpam to do a Koti Archana to Lord Sastha for the well being of the society. The most important point is, that the pooja is being conducted by an individual at his residence.

Events of such a great magnitude can happen only with the Divine intervention. The quality of the energy emanating speaks for itself – this has to be experienced than explained. Along with doing archana, I was requested to give a small lecture on the occassion. It is indeed a great punya accumulated in various Janmas – by which one can worship Lord Sastha. The Lord gave me a pleasant surprise here for not only doing archana but also to talk and ponder about his glory of “my beloved” who is being celebrated there. 

In the Boothanatha Geeta, Bhagavan Manikanta says:
"I (Parabrahma) am the source of all; all evolves from Me; thus comprehending, the wise, who are mindful (of the supreme truth), worship Me." 

So worshiping Lord Sastha is a very rare opportunity and is equivalent of worshiping all the divine beings.

The daily puja starts in the morning with Rudra Abhishekam to Lord Hariharaputra and immediately followed by chanting of Sahasranaama Archana by the dedicated Bhakthaas who sit for several hours.  The evening session continues with the archana, Ashtaavadhana pooja and with the ceremonious HARIVARAASANAM and Closing of the NADAI. Something similar to what happens at Sabari Mala.

I really felt sorry that I could not spend much time as I had to leave the same night.

The pooja started on the 13th November with support of Bhakthaas from Bangalore and a group of Bhakthaas from Chennai and has been progressing exceedingly well to reach a unimaginable number of over 50 lakhs in just under 13 days.  

As a mark of thanking the Lord for the grace he has showered on us, Shri Kesavan has scheduled a POORNA PUSHKALA KALYANA MAHOTSAVA in Bhajan Paddathi. This is to be held on on 1st January 2012 and usher in the New Year as well.  The Kalyana Utsavam will be held at Nagalakshmi Kalyana Mantapa, Banashankari II Stage, Near Devagiri Temple, Bangalore.

Shri Kesavan has extended a warm invitation to all the members of Shri Maha Sasthru Seva Sangam and our readers. We hope that those interested will make ample use of this opportunity and attain the grace of Lord Maha Sastha

I pray to Shri Bhaktaparipala Maha Sastha to bless all the organizers and enable them to bring us many more such opportunities. 

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