Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Money Corrupts Devotion

Let me start with a story----------

A man who was very meek and humble used to come to Ramakrishna Paramahamsa every now and then. Whenver he saw Paramahamsa, he always did a namaskaram and saluted him utmost reverence and respect. After sometime he stopped coming and they knew nothing of what had happened to him. 

One day, Paramahamsa and few of his disciples, went over to a nearby place in a boat. As they were getting down from the boat, they saw the same person sitting on the bank of the Ganges, where, in the fashion of big folks, he was enjoying the pure air of the river. On seeing Ramakrishna, he accosted him in a stylish tone with the words, "Hallo Thakur! How are you doing now?" 

Everybody were taken aback seeing the drastic change in his behaviour.  Paramahamsa simply smiled and said  "I tell you,  this man must have come by some riches. Can't you see what a great change has come over him?" 

I could not avoid my mind relating this story - when I met a devotee at Sabarimala during September.. I know this person for the past 4-5 years (Iam sure many of you would be knowing him and will be difficult for you to beleive this)... I still remember how he lived as a humble devotee... and our encounter was almost similar to the above story... 

He did a very great service to the Lord and really hats off for the work done, by which he is quite known to everybody. But Hariharaputra's game is always unique... Once you come into His clan, then your test begins... And you can pass the test Only by His grace...

The first test from Swami is regarding ego and desire.

(In Mahabarata - Satyaki has a platform - which actually brings out all the inner truth in your mind... something similar happened that day)

Money is the object of temptation... 

Right in front of the Lord - from the very beginning his talk was literally around money... Just casually I asked about the Makara Jyothi yatra... Immediately  he gave a reply.... "If any of your friends are interested just ask them to contact me... Its just 7000 rupees per head... You see.. Iam influential and can take people along with _________ " 

This person is a bachelor and Ive heard the same person saying, "Ayyppa is everything for me"(few years back).

But this time... I really felt disheartend to see this change in him

He continued... 
"If I just say Ayyappa - Ayyappa and keep on spending everything for God, who will look after me? And when Mahalakshmi comes, one has to take all steps to keep her with you. When opportunity comes, only fools dont utilize it" 

I still wonder what made him talk all the truth in his mind....

The desire for money makes such a difference in a man!

I dont mean that one has to become a sanyasi and never touch money... But doing it in the name of God and exploiting the devotion - is something unacceptable... There are a number of ways that you can make more money... 

Sastha is a Kalpaka Vruksha, the wish-fulfilling tree. You will certainly get whatever you ask of him. He has never turned anyone empty handed... As one thinks, so one receives... Iam sure he is going to earn a lot by this January....

Iam not writing this to attack anyone personally... Its just my observation on yet another the leela of the dearest son of Mohini

Lets pray that everyone of us qualify His test.

Gnana Sadgurunathane.. Sharanam Ayyappa

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