Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trayambakapuram - My favorite temples - Part III

Traymbaka puradheesam, Ganadhipa Samanvitham
Gajaroodam aham Vande, Sastharam Kuladaivatham
One Who is the Ruler of Tryambakapuram, who is with Lord Ganapathi and one who rides on an elephant, - I salute that Saastha who is the master of my dynasty

Almost every devotee who goes to Shabarimalai might have chanted this Slokam. But not even 1% of the devotees know where this Trayambakapuram temple is located. 

Trayambakapuram is one of the holy Kshetrams of Lord Sastha located near Tiruvaroor. The small temple is located amidst dense fields and is a very tranquil place.  This is an ancient temple for Lord Hariharaputra who is in the form of Bala Sastha.

Due to poor rood conditions and the muddy terrain, one can reach this place only with an own vehicle. But traveling to Trayambakapuram in the winding - isolated roads amidst palm trees is a very different and memorable experience.  But there is a chance of getting mislead because there will be no road or persons to guide you. And the temple legend says whenever the devotees are in need of assistance, Bala Sastha manifests in the form of a small boy and helps them. (We had an experience of getting lost and I just made a comment, "Only Bala Sastha has to come and show us the way",.....  Everyone of us were taken aback....  instantaneously from nowhere came a small boy... He said nothing - just pointed his finger to the direction of the temple... Even now my hairs stand on end when I write this.)
From the view of the spiritual sense, everything about the temple is special. 

The floor of the Sanctum is inscribed with the moola mantram of the Lord. And hence the priest takes utmost care while doing puja. Everytime he enters the sanctum sanctorum only after taking bath in the well within the temple.

Unlike in other Sastha temples Here Only one Parivaram - Veeran is seen with sword & weapons - just near the outer gate.

The compassionate Lord often appears in the dreams of the devotees, mostly as a small boy and shower His grace. Many devotees tell of vivid dreams in which the Lord comes to heal them, bless them and guide them

Needless to say, the deity, Bala Sastha is simply stunning. He is little beauty hardly 1 feet idol sitting on an Elephant. It is difficult to take one’s eyes off the Lord.

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