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Qualification of getting Moola Mantra upadesam

Query :-

Swami sharanam,

Some of our friends asked, what is the qualification of getting Moola Mantra upadesam. (Sastha  or any god)

I have not answered to them, since I feel you are the right person to answer authentically.

According to me if the person is ready for this it comes automatically, but  I I say this they may not believe and they expected detailed answer.

Can you explain in your blog please.

I have already given a note here

Moola mantram is the very form of the God... U may be called by one name today (in this janma) and another name tomorrow.. But God's name is permanent... Thats why people are suggested to do Nama Japam and Naama keerthanam...

If Nama japam itself can bring so much glory just imagine how powerful the moola mantram will be? Nama is God's name... whereas Moola Mantram is the very form of God himself.

First of all the Moola Mantram has originated from the Lord Himself. It's the most sacred one in the world.  Right from the start of the creation the moola mantra is used by countless number of Rishis to do the Mantra japam to please the Lord and to get his blessings.

Moola mantram upadesham may happen in two (and rarely three)  ways....

This is what is prescribed in various Tantras like Kularnavam...

First a person is totally immersed in devotion towards a particular God and want to do the upasana...

He surrenders to a particular person - identifying him as his Guru.

Then one has to plead to the Guru for upadesham... And Guru has to observe the sishya and carefully watch his actions for a period of time... Only of he is satisfied he may consider him for giving the mantra upadesham.

For some people only some mantras are suitable; So if a person voluntarily asks for mantra upadesham, his horoscope has to be assessed to check whether this mantram will suit him. Or Siddhari Shodhanam may also be conducted. Most of the Gurus do this and exception from these tests are there for a few mantras.

After this over a period of time, gradually various mantras right from ganapaty (as per the sampradhaya) are given to the disciple

The second case happens due to a divine will - a Mahan or Guru due to his compassion towards the Sishya, gives him the upadesham. Even without asking, one may get the mantra upadesham. This one is actually superior than asking. Its a momentary decision or intuition which makes the Guru to give the upadesham...

Prahalaadha, was given Upadesha of moola mantra from Narada even when Prahalaadha was in the womb.

Iam forunate enough to have personally witnessed few such incidents at Pampa, Veliyanavattam, Karimala and Sannidhanam. Just while sitting in the puja, meditation or Sastha Preethi, the Guru calls someone and gives him the treasure.

The third case, When the Guru parampara order - is in disorder, some divine intervention takes place to set it right... Either the giver should have the blazing fire or atleast the receiver should be a dry log... but in todays case - both are very difficult to find. So for a few very very rare cases mantra a divine force may manifest in dream etc to give the upadesham....  This happens only for one in a million.

So if one is really interested in doing moola mantra japam, one has to catch hold the feet of his guru. Anyway - the qualification for getting a moola mantram - is decided by Bhagawan himself. So one has to sincerely pray to the Ishta deivam to show the proper Guru and to give him the upadesham through the Guru. So once the time comes or rather when "He" feels you are qualified, you get the mantra upadesham.

A very very fortunate person will get to know the moola mantra through proper upadesham. And the person who is now a Shishya of that Acharyan must not at any cost disclose the mantram openly to anyone. These Secred Mantras only when got through an Acharya from a true sampradayam and Guru Parampara, will the power of the potency of these mantras. Only mantras obtained through proper Guru will earn the grace of the Lord.

{The Sishya has to salute the Guru with Dakshina and the Guru has to acknowledge it. This has to be done very clearly... I was wondering why this step is insisted so much?  On pondering over this, it  reminded me of three famous (rather interesting) phrases
1. "Pusthaka Guru" ie Reading the moola mantram from a book and start doing the japam on his own....
This method is not allowed and when practiced, it will not give any result....

2. "Mantra Thiruttu" ie When the Guru is giving upadesham to a sishya, a person making an eavesdrop on them and start chanting on own
This method is a great sin and will give negative result....

3. 2. "Mantra Sweekaranam" ie The person instigating a guru very cleverly and somehow make him utter the moola mantram - and even without the knowledge of the Guru, they themselves consider this as upadesham and start chanting.
This is a worst crime

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