Thursday, August 19, 2010

800-year-old Sastha statue discovered

Glorious past

800-year-old Sastha statue discovered recently at Periyapuliyur, near Kavindapady. – An 800-year-old statue has been discovered at Periyapuliyur, near Kavindapady. The idol is Lord Sastha with his consorts Puranai and Pushkalai.

According to the Curator, Government Museum, Erode, C. Maheswaran, the idol is easily 800 years old and belongs to the early Chola period. While the left hand rests on the left leg, raised to the knee, the right hand holds a whip. The consorts are seen with fans. The Local people call it Iyyanar.

The Vigraham, in half-buried condition, sports a halo-like hair dressing, which is curled at the end. It appears like a halo. Ancestors worshipped the idol as a deity guarding the village, says Dr. Maheswaran. He says it was found in a rivulet near Periyapuliyur, when the water receded. The villagers on discovering brought it to the local temple, where it is worshipped to date. At present it is at the Chamundi Muniappan village, where people from all communities worship the deity. An interesting aspect of the temple, the curator says, is that deities worshipped by different communities find a place there. They are clan deities and members from all the communities go there to offer prayers.

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