Saturday, August 7, 2010

Plavadi Sastha

One of our friends, Mr.Kamesh from Mumbai wanted to know about Plavadi Sastha temple... 

Mr.Srinivasan from Mumbai was also asking me about this temple for a long time...

Let me try to present few facts which are available 

V. Aravind Subramanyam
Plavadi Sastha

Plavadi sastha is one of the oldest Sastha shrines located near the banks of Tamrabarani... This beautiful temple is near kallidaikurichi, (near tirunelveli).

Swami is Swayambhu here who is very much pleased in sitting under a pala maram (jack fruit tree). Swami doesnt have any swaroopam here.. instead he is worshipped in the form of a lingam; 

There are Three lingams ie Sastha in centre and on either sides Poorna and Pushakala - His consorts.

A idol of an elephant, His vahana is found infront of Swami. There is a peetam nearby Sastha which may be Lord Boothanatha.

The temple also houses a huge figure of Parivara....

Though there is a temple compund, Sastha is worshipped in the open space - just under the shelter of the Jack tree.. (Jack =Pala; ie Palavadi = Plavadi)  without any sanctum sanctorum and Swami prefers to be in rain and sun than inside the Garbha gruham

Swami is very powerful here and Kshipra Prasadi [ NOT ONLY HERE !!!! ALWAYS !!! :)  ]

This is an age old temple and Plavadi Sastha is the Kuladevivam of many people who live allover the globe. 

The interesting and amazing fact about this temple - during any special puja to the Lord, after the puja, if He is satisfied with the worship, exactly three leaves from the Jack tree fall on the figures of Sastha-Poorna and Pushkala....

Since you dont have any facilities here... people halt at Kallidaikurichi and then come to this temple for worship.

Heard that the temple's Kumbabishekam happened very recently (last month)

Iam searching the additional information.. if anything available I shall update it immediately. 


  1. thank u for the picture of plavadi saastha
    the kumbabishekam went on very well with the blessings of saastha.

  2. Thanks for updated this beautiful picture. Palavadi Sastha only our family god (Kuladeivam). Because i am from Ambasamudram. But now i am staying in Bangalore. So its really amazing photo. Really i like it. Once again thanks for this photo and website.

  3. S.LAKSHMIVARAHANMay 27, 2012 at 11:31 PM

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for seeing the Kuladeivam Palavadi Sastha. This is a very great deed for those who can know their kuadeivam. One time seeing offering prayer to Kuladeivam is equivalant to10 times doing in our normaltemple

  4. Thanks for the very interesting information...

    --- Prasad Karavadi.