Saturday, August 21, 2010

An interesting query on Astrology

Dear Aravindji,

Yesterday I was lucky enough to hear you speak at the Rotary Club yestersay... Your speech was extremely engaging, inspiring and we were amazed to know about the backgruond of our culture.

I have a small doubt.. please answer this

From your talk i could understand that you had a profound knowledge in Astrology and you made a logical approach to the subject as a science.

Could you please tell me some details about the following. Sorry for disturbing you...

It is said one person can get manthira upadeesham, deeksai or gnana only if his horscope (jaadhagam) has a provision for that.. Is this correct?

Ganesh Kumar

Swamy Sharanam

Thanks for your words..

Let me first give you the simple answer -

When a person will enter into Gnana Marga ie the path to wisdom ? Is it because of horoscope ?

Not exactly.... the horoscope infact reflects the purva punyas you have accumulated.. so if you have a provision for Gnana its because of the Purva punya.

But please understand - for upadesham or deeksha the primary qualification is Guru's grace.. And again Guru is not a supernatural person with Orange robe or one who gives you viboothi from air.. He may appear like a very ordinary man; Even the age, position or status is not a criteria. But once you have given a position as your Guru, please understand - He is your GOD.

You need not doubt; or rather should not doubt.

And this will happen again only if your Horoscope is in such a way that you are inclined towards this idea.

Based on the Lagnadhipati and the Lord of the Fifth house you may get Mantra upadesham and which will in turn lead you to the ultimate Goal.

Only One among lakh people get the ripe time, mentality and situation for getting the Gnana from the Guru.
According to the science of astrology, this is a very rare case and may happen to a person during his Kethu Dasa.  When there are malefic planets in the Eighth and the Twelfth houses, this may further lead him to the next level. ie getting fedup with the samsara - family life

Generally it is evident that most of the Maha Purushas or Matra Siddhas have got upadesham and turning points only during the influence of Kethu.

Kethu is the Gnana Kaaraka and he is the only graha who will teach you what is what. Only his influence will exactly lead you to the Gnana Marga.

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